Former NFL Agent sees record contract extension for Derek Carr

This is a nice article to read in a time of uncertainty about the Raiders franchise Quarterback – once this extension (if) gets done – we will surely move onto other topics that talk about the entire team.

USA Today Raiders Wire talked with former NFL agent Joel Corry, and Corry sees this coming in his crystal ball for the 26 year old signal-caller:

“There’s gonna be a resolution,” Corry said on Bair’s podcast. “I’d be surprised if he doesn’t have a new deal by the time training camp starts in late July.”

“I anticipate this deal is going to make him the first $25 million per year player,” Corry said. “In the NFL right now, he’s arguably the biggest bargain in the league.”

It falls in line with General Manager Reggie McKenzie saying that these guys (Carr, Mack) are true Raiders and that a deal will get done. He’s really never went away from that. I have to believe the guy knows what he is doing and will have this resolved soon.

It’s in stark contrast to what that little pencil-neck troll Mike Florio has been posting about over at Pro Football Talk.


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