Report: Derek Carr’s Record Extension is Coming

We have waited and waited, and the Oakland Raiders are not going to make us wait much longer. Per a report by ESPN’s Adam Schefter (the best in the biz), the Oakland Raiders are prepared to pay Derek Carr $25 million dollars per year on an contract extension.

Per Schefter, the sides still are finalizing language, but the record deal could be announced by the end of the week.

Reports earlier this month indicated Carr was on his way to becoming the first quarterback to make $25 million annually, and it appears that day is closer than ever. Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has an average annual paycheck of $24.594 million per season, currently the highest. Carson Palmer and Drew Brees also make more than $24 million per season.

This is phenomenal news; and it appears the Raiders want everyone at ease with plenty of time to spare on this ever most important issue.


It looks like Derek Carr has that warm and fuzzy feeling.

We will update when an official announcement hits the press. The lifeblood of the Raiders organization is staying put.


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