Derek Carr is the NFL’s Highest-Paid Player

It has happened. Derek Carr has signed a 5-year, $125 million dollar contract extension with the Oakland Raiders. I guess at this point, with those simple terms being what was rumored about all along; you wonder what took so long. The extension will keep Carr in Oakland through the 2022 season!

Carr was true to his word that when it was officially done, he would say something first. He took to twitter in the morning to break the story himself.

Albert Breer says over at MMQB that the deal is evolutionary, not revolutionary.

As pointed out in this article, Carr is the only QB in NFL history to throw more than 80 TD passes and fewer than 40 interceptions in his first three seasons. He’s a blast to watch, and he’ll be a blast to watch as he goes after the New England Patriots and tries to bring the Oakland Raiders a title before they move to Las Vegas.

Now that the Raiders have the Quarterback locked up, the focus shifts over to the next two guys: Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper. But as long as you have the Quarterback and the head coach; as evidenced in New England, you can really work around everything else on either side of the ball.

This was a great day to like the Oakland Raiders and the best day if you’re a Derek Carr fan.


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