Raiders sign Guard Gabe Jackson to Extension

First the bigger deal got done. Now the lesser, but still very important deal gets done. The Raiders selected Gabe Jackson in the third round of the 2014 NFL Draft, and he’s proven since then to be a really good player. Today he signed a 5-year extension worth $56 million dollars.

Jackson is one of those integral parts of the Oakland Raiders in the trenches. If the Raiders can lock down Khalil Mack; I’m not that worried about Amari Cooper to be honest. I would rather the trio of Carr, Jackson, and Mack locked down than any combination of the two involving Cooper.

As the Patriots’ blueprint has shown, if you have those dominant pieces in place (QB, players on both sides of the ball in the trenches) you can scrimp a bit at WR and CB if you need to.

Jackson was a big, big score in the draft, and it’s big that the Raiders have him locked down for most of Carr’s next contract in Oakland and Las Vegas. Now you just hope to see him stay healthy.


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