Cowboys Links of Note

Pro Football Talk has ranked the Cowboys as the number six team in football entering the season. I like it.

They have the Cowboys behind the Packers, and it’s probably due to the toughness of the schedule and having a known commodity at QB in Aaron Rodgers; but this is how PFT finished up the ranking:

The Cowboys will be hard pressed to win 13 games again, especially if Elliott misses any games because of an NFL suspension. But with a defense expected to feature four players who have yet to play a down in the NFL, the Cowboys actually could be better going into the 2017 postseason than they were in 2016 when they went four weeks between meaningful games.

Cowboys Executive V.P. Stephen Jones also says that Dak Prescott “Will be better than last year”.

This is a gutsy take, but you always expect an owner named Jones in Dallas to push his chips to the middle of the table and go all-in.

“He knows he’s got to take his game to another level,” Jones said. “The great ones get better each year. I think he expects that from himself, I know he puts in the work, I know he’s a leader, the team responds to him, the team wants to play hard for him. That’s rare. I think he’s going to answer the bell and I think he’s going to be better than he was last year.”

“I’m just amazed with how he handles himself,” Jones said. “Football is first. he’s got an insatiable appetite to want to get better.”

The Cowboys also cut Lucky Whitehead today for failing to appear in court after a shoplifting charge.

OJ Simpson is granted his freedom

O.J. Simpson has been granted his parole. He’s wiggled off the hook once again.

The Goldman family says they will never see justice. I have taken particular interest in the O.J. Simpson murder that heh committed in 1994, reading everything there is to read on the internet, and watching everything there is to watch about the trial.

I even visited the scene of the murders this past June; it was like visiting a scene of American history.

O.J. Simpson is a lucky man. Even though he will again walk the streets he must ask what his soiled purpose is in life.

Dak Prescott working prior to training camp

Cowboys rookies are reporting to training camp, and Dak Prescott is hard at work in Orlando to prepare for his own reporting to camp in Oxnard, California when the rest of his teammates show up in a few days.

Prescott is putting in work with Tom Shaw, a former strength coach with several NFL teams.

“I think he’s the best,” Prescott said of Shaw. “He’s my guy. He tells you exactly what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear. He is honest with all the guys which I greatly appreciate. I came here to Disney to train because I wanted to be in the best possible condition when I go back to my team. I wanted to get that good sweat in down here in Florida to make sure that from a conditioning standpoint, I’m ready to go when my team heads to training camp in California.”

Shaw had some glistening praise for Prescott as well:

“He is serious about improving all aspects of his game – and I mean all of it,” Shaw said, via Walt Disney World Sports Public Relations. “He works on the non-football stuff – the conditioning, the core strength work, the weight room strength work, and he attacks the on-field work that’s necessary to become a great player in the NFL. This guy is a worker.”

“This guy has a chance to be an elite quarterback in the NFL,” Shaw said. “The game is important to him. He wants to improve, and he works at it. That’s the way you improve in the NFL: You have to work at it, and that’s what Dak does.”

I think Prescott is truly doing everything he can to ensure there’s no sophomore slump for him. And if there’s not, he’s going to be one of the biggest stars that this game has ever seen.

Dallas Cowboys Present a ‘Dakumentary’

Dak Prescott – to this point in his career – is probably my favorite NFL player that I’ve ever followed a year into his career. I mean, I’m in love with the guy as a player. I like the Cowboys, this guy is the centerpiece, he’s all you want in a QB to lead a franchise. He put Tony Romo (good guy) into retirement. He’s going to get a Cowboys a Super Bowl.

And Jerry Jones has the Cowboys production department rolling out ‘Dak Prescott: A Family Reunion’ as a Documentary on their QB.

The documentary shows you where Dak Prescott came from, and starts out in a small town diner in Mississippi.

Then they talk to the coaches of Mississippi State, and they talk about Prescott being a guy who did everything ‘well’ but nothing phenomenal except his ability to be a competitor.

The story is told about LSU blowing off Prescott on the recruiting visit he made there. It was then that Dak decided he wanted to be a Bulldog at Mississippi State. The coach talks about his maturity being further along than his age. It then goes into the sadness of Dak losing his mom to cancer but playing through it.

He wears the number four because of his mother. This is something I did not know.

The best part of the documentary was showing the Cowboys talking about how he fit in their organizational plans with the playbook he ran in college while in their draft room.

I can’t wait to watch this guy for many Sundays and Thanksgivings to come. He’s a really likable kid.

Jerry Jones: Your Actions Impact the Entire Team

(Soon to be Hall of Fame Owner) Jerry Jones has spoken on the issues that ail his franchise. The Cowboys are outlaws. We see now why Vegas handicappers who are a lot smarter than any of us give the old wink wink nod nod 9.5 win total that looks so suspect low to the public. The Cowboys are in for a long season.

Jones had this to say, with the rookies reporting to training camp tomorrow in Oxnard, California:

“I think the biggest message is not one that has to be stated, and that is that your actions impact an entire team; it impacts an entire fan base,” Jones said Tuesday. “There’s a lot of responsibility there. To the team, it’s a reminder of the interest that’s in your actions and behavior, and it’s not dissimilar from the message you have when you sit down with a child and a young person when you’re talking about how they represent everybody. The message really is pretty simple: Try to think about your activities when you’re involved out here.”

“Our franchise has always been front and center,” Jones said. “It actually was before I became involved, so we articulate and really try to inform our players of the interest and the amount of exposure, the amount of transparency there is in their lives. Like all of us, we do good some days and don’t do good the others. That’s not to be confused with the tolerating of bad behavior or illegal behavior. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about just learning that your every move will be scrutinized and in this day and time will be looked at from many vantage points both physically as well as opinions. We ask for the world to look at the Dallas Cowboys. We ask for them to be interested in the Dallas Cowboys. We ask for that. We want to continue to educate ourselves as to how behavior can be portrayed. From the day I became involved with the NFL, I have had to continually address and learn what it’s like to have your every word possibly played back to you in a very public way.”

It’s nice to see Jones speak out that this isn’t going to be tolerated – although he didn’t exactly invoke a zero-tolerance policy or anything like that.

There isn’t an answer for what the Cowboys can do to control these guys. If you’re someone who hopes to see Dallas do well in the immediate future, you have to just hope that when the lights go on and the season progresses, they are a team that delivers. That is the ONLY way that this stuff won’t be a storyline into the next offseason and beyond.