How All 32 NFL Teams Use Analytics

Found this article on SI’s MMQB by Peter King, about the use of analytics by all 32 NFL teams. I found it to be a really interesting read.

The organizational flow is different for every team. I’m kind of surprised to learn how some teams are still close to an old school approach; but you see analytics creeping into every team in the league little by little.

Here are two:

The Cowboys have quietly been leaders in analytics, to the point where personnel chief Will McClay—who has a traditional scouting and coaching background—served as the team’s director of football research as a precursor to his current job as senior director of college/pro scouting. COO Stephen Jones is all-in, too. Dallas was one of the first NFL teams to implement the Catapult player tracking system that Chip Kelly used at Oregon, and the team hired data scientist Tom Robinson to take McClay’s old spot with plans to add staff underneath him. Coach Jason Garrett, too, has been a driver in making Dallas one of the organizations more open to the changing landscape.


As is the case with many aspects of the organization, GM Reggie McKenzie is largely responsible for modernizing the Raiders’ approach to analytics. Former NFL Network and ESPN researcher George Li has ascended within the organization to now lead a three-man team to help McKenzie backstop the decisions that his scouting staff makes.


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