Jerry Jones: Your Actions Impact the Entire Team

(Soon to be Hall of Fame Owner) Jerry Jones has spoken on the issues that ail his franchise. The Cowboys are outlaws. We see now why Vegas handicappers who are a lot smarter than any of us give the old wink wink nod nod 9.5 win total that looks so suspect low to the public. The Cowboys are in for a long season.

Jones had this to say, with the rookies reporting to training camp tomorrow in Oxnard, California:

“I think the biggest message is not one that has to be stated, and that is that your actions impact an entire team; it impacts an entire fan base,” Jones said Tuesday. “There’s a lot of responsibility there. To the team, it’s a reminder of the interest that’s in your actions and behavior, and it’s not dissimilar from the message you have when you sit down with a child and a young person when you’re talking about how they represent everybody. The message really is pretty simple: Try to think about your activities when you’re involved out here.”

“Our franchise has always been front and center,” Jones said. “It actually was before I became involved, so we articulate and really try to inform our players of the interest and the amount of exposure, the amount of transparency there is in their lives. Like all of us, we do good some days and don’t do good the others. That’s not to be confused with the tolerating of bad behavior or illegal behavior. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about just learning that your every move will be scrutinized and in this day and time will be looked at from many vantage points both physically as well as opinions. We ask for the world to look at the Dallas Cowboys. We ask for them to be interested in the Dallas Cowboys. We ask for that. We want to continue to educate ourselves as to how behavior can be portrayed. From the day I became involved with the NFL, I have had to continually address and learn what it’s like to have your every word possibly played back to you in a very public way.”

It’s nice to see Jones speak out that this isn’t going to be tolerated – although he didn’t exactly invoke a zero-tolerance policy or anything like that.

There isn’t an answer for what the Cowboys can do to control these guys. If you’re someone who hopes to see Dallas do well in the immediate future, you have to just hope that when the lights go on and the season progresses, they are a team that delivers. That is the ONLY way that this stuff won’t be a storyline into the next offseason and beyond.


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