Dallas Cowboys Present a ‘Dakumentary’

Dak Prescott – to this point in his career – is probably my favorite NFL player that I’ve ever followed a year into his career. I mean, I’m in love with the guy as a player. I like the Cowboys, this guy is the centerpiece, he’s all you want in a QB to lead a franchise. He put Tony Romo (good guy) into retirement. He’s going to get a Cowboys a Super Bowl.

And Jerry Jones has the Cowboys production department rolling out ‘Dak Prescott: A Family Reunion’ as a Documentary on their QB.

The documentary shows you where Dak Prescott came from, and starts out in a small town diner in Mississippi.

Then they talk to the coaches of Mississippi State, and they talk about Prescott being a guy who did everything ‘well’ but nothing phenomenal except his ability to be a competitor.

The story is told about LSU blowing off Prescott on the recruiting visit he made there. It was then that Dak decided he wanted to be a Bulldog at Mississippi State. The coach talks about his maturity being further along than his age. It then goes into the sadness of Dak losing his mom to cancer but playing through it.

He wears the number four because of his mother. This is something I did not know.

The best part of the documentary was showing the Cowboys talking about how he fit in their organizational plans with the playbook he ran in college while in their draft room.

I can’t wait to watch this guy for many Sundays and Thanksgivings to come. He’s a really likable kid.


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