Loving Madden 18

So I can’t lie, I really like Madden 18. I started an online franchise with my Cowboys and my friend Corey (Panthers). I am three games in. Here’s a short recap of how things have gone so far – without looking at the exact box scores.

Game 1: Cowboys 25, Giants 16
Dak Prescott has a 300+ yard game, completes something insane like 26 of 30 for 3 touchdowns and 1 interception in the win. Terrance Williams catches two TD’s in the game. I ‘suspended’ Zeke Elliott for two games, so he didn’t play. Owuzie got his first career INT.

Game 2: Broncos 42, Cowboys 28
This one got out of hand. Prescott starts 7 of 8, but throws a pick six to Aqib Talib to open scoring. On the next drive, Von Miller dislocates Prescott’s shoulder on a sack and he’s out four weeks. RGIII is my backup. He enters and is nightmarish. He ends with 266 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 3 INT. Darren Mcfadden and Dez Bryant’s strong play along with some clutch defense get the Cowboys within 35-28 after trailing 35-13 at one point; and the Cowboys get the ball back with under a minute to play. Kellen Moore is subbed in for the injured RGIII and throws an INT to Talib to end the game. Talib had four interceptions on the day.

Game 3: Cowboys 24, Cardinals 16
Kellen Moore is named starter, and the Cowboys re-instate Zeke Elliot. He gets 30+ carries for 140+ yards. Dan Bailey kicks six field goals. The biggest play of the game is on fourth down late in the fourth quarter with the Cowboys down 16-15; Moore hits Elliot out of the backfield for a long touchdown. Moore is surprisingly decent with conservative throws and doesn’t throw an INT in the game. The Cowboys hold on late to hold off a Carson Palmer last minute drive and seal the road victory on Monday Night Football to move to 2-1.

Jaylon Smith’s Beginning

It was just one preseason game, and it was just one tackle; but Jason Garrett says that this is just the beginning for linebacker Jaylon Smith.

Really an exciting night for him,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. “He’s worked really hard to get himself back to this point. To put his Dallas Cowboy uniform on and to go out here at AT&T Stadium and play in a football game, a lot of work has gone into that and it’s a real credit to who he is as a guy. … It’s just the start, but it certainly is a good one for him.”

I’m excited about this kid. He’s only going to get better at movement as the months go on and he gets more reps, practices, and plays under his belt. I think he has a chance to be a major home run for the Cowboys in place of some of the guys who have disappointed on the defensive side on the ball and some of the departures that have left the Cowboys short at linebacker like Rolando McClain (currently suspended for drugs).

I’m really rooting for Jaylon Smith, who I think is probably a pretty good kid out of Notre Dame.

Dak’s Back

Dak Prescott is back, and made a great touchdown throw to Dez Bryant to open up scoring in the preseason contest against the Indianapolis Colts at AT&T in Dallas. The Cowboys hung on to win the game 24-19.

Prescott went 7 of 8 and had a perfect passer rating of 158.3, and it was about as good of a start as one could have hoped for.

He showed some chemistry with Dez Bryant on the touchdown throw. Bryant had two big catches for 55 yards. He also had a nice play-action roll out throw to Jason Witten. These three are going to do some work.

Rave reviews are saying one should be delighted by Prescott’s preseason debut. He showed he may be able to produce some offense without Ezekiel Elliot in the offense.

Also of note – Elliott’s former coach Urban Meyer has some concern about his former running back.

Ezekiel Elliott Suspended Six Games

The hammer fell on the bad man today – the NFL suspended Ezekiel Elliott six games to start the NFL season. It turns out Ezekiel Elliott assaulted a Columbus, Ohio girl three different times on three different dates last July.

Vegas oddsmakers don’t really feel like this changes the outlook a ton for the Cowboys from what I’m reading. They’re about a half a point worse every game in terms of the spread; so a full field goal over a six-game spread.

Elliott will appeal his suspension.

This made me want to buy Madden 18

Before I didn’t want to buy the game after seeing some initial gameplay.

But when I saw the snow, I guess I see what the new ‘Frostbite’ animation is all about. I see some encouraging stuff here. It looks more glossy. It looks more fluid. Footprints are in the snow where guys ran long before in the game rather than disappearing.

Madden is hanging on by a thread with me. I think I can probably do without it. This video didn’t suck.

Colin Cowherd on the Future Face of the NFL

Good takes here. Colin Cowherd talks about the future face of the NFL after Tom Brady.

Colin goes 1) Aaron Rodgers, 2) Russell Wilson and agrees with the expert.

Then the expert brings up Andrew Luck. Colin doesn’t see him hosting SNL, says he is a ‘reluctant star’. Expert on ‘Faces of the NFL’ wonder if he can get to a Super Bowl. Good thing about Luck colin says is that he plays in the midwest for the Colts in a family environment.

Cam Newton is brought up at number four. I like Newton a lot in this category, with some personal bias. I think Newton’s personality is the best of those listed here, and the least prickly. Playing in Carolina; he’s taken the ‘All Lives Matter’ stance. Cowherd says he would put Cam ahead of Luck.

Colin thinks Cam has underachieved but he’s polarizing. Says he has a big personality.

Fifth they go Odell Beckham. I think Beckham’s career is at a crossroads. This is a make or break year for him.