Colin Cowherd on the Future Face of the NFL

Good takes here. Colin Cowherd talks about the future face of the NFL after Tom Brady.

Colin goes 1) Aaron Rodgers, 2) Russell Wilson and agrees with the expert.

Then the expert brings up Andrew Luck. Colin doesn’t see him hosting SNL, says he is a ‘reluctant star’. Expert on ‘Faces of the NFL’ wonder if he can get to a Super Bowl. Good thing about Luck colin says is that he plays in the midwest for the Colts in a family environment.

Cam Newton is brought up at number four. I like Newton a lot in this category, with some personal bias. I think Newton’s personality is the best of those listed here, and the least prickly. Playing in Carolina; he’s taken the ‘All Lives Matter’ stance. Cowherd says he would put Cam ahead of Luck.

Colin thinks Cam has underachieved but he’s polarizing. Says he has a big personality.

Fifth they go Odell Beckham. I think Beckham’s career is at a crossroads. This is a make or break year for him.


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