Jaylon Smith’s Beginning

It was just one preseason game, and it was just one tackle; but Jason Garrett says that this is just the beginning for linebacker Jaylon Smith.

Really an exciting night for him,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. “He’s worked really hard to get himself back to this point. To put his Dallas Cowboy uniform on and to go out here at AT&T Stadium and play in a football game, a lot of work has gone into that and it’s a real credit to who he is as a guy. … It’s just the start, but it certainly is a good one for him.”

I’m excited about this kid. He’s only going to get better at movement as the months go on and he gets more reps, practices, and plays under his belt. I think he has a chance to be a major home run for the Cowboys in place of some of the guys who have disappointed on the defensive side on the ball and some of the departures that have left the Cowboys short at linebacker like Rolando McClain (currently suspended for drugs).

I’m really rooting for Jaylon Smith, who I think is probably a pretty good kid out of Notre Dame.


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