Cowboys win on Monday Night Football in Arizona

[Cowboys 28, Cardinals 17]
[PFT] [Sports Illustrated] [Dak TD to Dez Bryant] [Dak TD to Brice Butler]

Dak Prescott went 13 of 18 for 183 yards, two touchdowns, and his usual no interception, turnover-free ballgame. He ran for a 10 yard touchdown to put the Cowboys on the board. He really had an incredible game. It wasn’t a career game, but he was very good.

He shook off some early buckshots and lack of a run game and hung in there against a tough, athletic defense on the road.

Instead of sitting on a 21-17 lead late, Dallas did the right thing and went for the jugular. Like it went several times tonight, Dak Prescott alluded the pass rush, rolled out and fired a strike for 53 yards to Brice Butler that put the game in hand. The Cowboys would ice the game with a touchdown run by Zeke Elliott on that drive to make it 28-17.

The Cowboys controlled the game at the line of scrimmage. Demarcus Lawrence looked like as good of an edge rusher as anyone in football tonight, as he has thus far this year. The Cowboys secondary was banged up and Orlando Scandrick and Jeff Heath left injured; leaving some rookies and special teams players to pick up the pieces. They got their sea legs underneath them and handled things admirably.

It was one of those perfect nights to be enjoyed, except the game is taking a back seat to one thing on every channel.

What the Hell is this Jerry? The Cowboys sold out. They went to the darkside. I am too exhausted to talk this bullshit and politics on this site, I’m going to discuss football and AMERICA’S TEAM and their win to go to 2-1.

That touchdown pass to Dez Bryant will be replayed for years as an incredible display of effort. It was amazing. Dez had two catches tonight, and failed again to get separation against elite corner Patrick Peterson. Jason Witten had a really quiet night. So did Cole Beasley. It just didn’t become a shootout.

But the biggest thing that swung this game was Cowboys pressure against a suspect Cardinals line that could not contain a three-man rush; and the Cardinals missing a Field Goal that would have put them up 10-0 early. Old Phil Dawson pushed one, and this left the door open for the Cowboys to believe just enough that they could hang around.

Larry Fitzgerald had 13 catches for 149 yards and a touchdown. It was the 105th touchdown reception of his career. The guy is an incredible, Hall of Fame football player.

Emmitt Smith: A Football Life

Last night NFL Network aired A Football Life on Emmitt Smith. This was the second of the season that I particularly enjoyed in this series I loved because I grew up loving Smith and the Cowboys in 1992 and 1993.

I thought it was as good as Dan Marino’s episode. I loved hearing about Smith’s game at the Meadowlands on January 2nd, 1994. The one where he ran for 170 yards and caught 10 balls with a separated shoulder to propel the Cowboys to a win and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs.

It was a great watch for anyone who was a kid during the early 90’s like me when the ‘Boys ruled the world.

Here’s that full game from the 1993 regular season, for as long as it’s available.

Aaron Hernandez had ‘Severe CTE’

Today it came out that Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE. Yahoo came out with the most comprehensive and interesting read of anyone that I saw.

Aaron Hernandez, who arrived in Gainesville at 17 and the NFL at 21, the youngest player in the league, a guy who suited up in just 84 college and professional games, had the brain of a 67-year-old man when he hung himself at the end of a prison bed sheet.

Maybe the why has finally been answered with Hernandez; the questions for the game of football are just beginning, though.

Basically, the narrative is that this is another bad look for the NFL and the future of the game. I have to say; I attend these Friday Night High School games and I sit and wonder about my one year old son; would I want him out there? I am 95% that I wouldn’t allow it, no matter how much he begs.

When I began this blog, even a few years after beginning this blog; these things would have never crossed my mind. But I think huge changes are coming to the game still. And the layers of the onion continue to get peeled away in regards to football and traumatic brain injuries.

Thursday Night Thriller

[Rams 41, 49ers 39]
[Pro Football Talk]

Week three of the NFL in 2018 got off to a wild but exciting and entertaining start. The Niners covered for you Vegas side backers. The Rams won – as they should have. Jared Goff had another great game. Sammy Watkins as a Ram worked.

This game didn’t figure to be entertaining. In fact, I woke up this morning complaining about the match-up. I like Thursday night football, but often the two teams playing leaves much to be desired. This felt like it would be a slogging, low-scoring game. The total of the game was set at 40. They scored 80.

The fans weren’t going to turn out was the headline I read – and they really didn’t.

Pierre Garcon balled out. Brian Hoyer made plays. Carlos Hyde ran his ass off. This was actually really good, entertaining, fun television for a night.

Sean McVay and Brian Schottenheimer combined to be the two youngest NFL head coaches to ever face each-other. And man did their two teams put on a show. The Rams are 2-1, and the Niners are 0-3; even if they hung in until the end and deserved to maybe take this one.

Raiders dominate Jets in Oakland

[Raiders 45, Jets 20]
[Derek Carr Highlights]

The Raiders are looking like the team that could challenge the New England Patriots in the AFC; and they’re going to be in for a helluva fight against the Kansas City Chiefs when these two teams meet. They meet October 19th in Oakland and December 10th in Kansas City.

On this day – a day that allowed the Raiders to begin a season 2-0 for the first time since 2002 – Derek Carr to Michael Crabtree was the feature.

Marshawn Lynch was just used in a complimentary role, getting 12 carries. Right now, the Raiders look more like a team with a ton of weapons that are a ton of fun to watch.

They’re going to be taking on the Redskins in Washington on Sunday Night Football this coming Sunday.

Dallas Dominated by Denver 42-17 in Week Two

[Denver 42, Dallas 17]
[Dak TD to Dez Bryant] [Dak Prescott TD to Witten]

First Things First:

Skip Bayless:

Colin Cowherd says Dallas will be okay (without a deep threat):