It’s Sunday

It’s another Sunday in life. Thank God for all of them. Sunday’s with two kids in diapers are a lot different. I’m about 2,400 steps deep on my fitbit. I’ve just been chasing kids all morning, cleaning up after them. It’s amazing the activity you get in just being a parent.

As for today’s slate; the highlight of the day is Packers and Cowboys at 4:25 in Dallas. This is a big one for big D.

Aside from that the other good games today or games of note are Carolina at Detroit, the Charges (0-4) take on the Giants (0-4) in the Land of the Sopranos. That matchup always makes me think of this:

God, to think we lived such a life in such a place. That was a great game.

Buffalo travels to Cincinnati to take on the Bengals. The Derek Carr-less Raiders host the Ravens. And then the Sunday Night game is the Houston Texans welcoming the Kansas City Chiefs. It should be a nice little slate in the NFL today.

Enjoy your Sunday!

And hey, how about this for old times childhood sake:

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