Jason Witten Calls It a Career

Jason Witten called it a career on NFL Draft Saturday (unofficially). It’s the end of an incredible era, and it leaves the Cowboys without a real leader in the locker room. I think this could be something that really hurts the 2018 Cowboys, even though admittedly I noticed that Witten had lost a step, and so did he.

Incredible read on Witten and the passage of time over at CBS Sports. He’s a certain Hall of Famer, retiring with 1152 catches; a Cowboys record that will never be broken in my lifetime.

It’s sad that a guy like Witten – a true Cowboy in every sense of the word – will never get to play on a Super Bowl Sunday. I hoped he gave it two more years, and think he could have regained some value and involvement with another lethal TE threat. He just couldn’t be the primary focus anymore.

He was the excellence of execution on a football field. The guy did everything perfect in terms of route running and had incredible hands to match his heart.

Witten was the guy so very responsible for Dak Prescott arriving on the scene. That was a special year in 2016 when I knew the Cowboys were going to become my team.

I’ll miss Sundays with Jason Witten. Another piece of my football life and youth gone by. America’s Team still exists, but it’s going to be hard to get used to it without Witten.

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