Deshaun Watson: Number One QB in Fantasy Football?

It’s nice to see these type of headlines this time of year about the guy you’re going to go to battle with as a keeper in your dynasty league at the Quarterback spot.

Andre Snellings writes that Watson is going to be the number one guy for him.

Was Watson lucky or unusually hot? Perhaps a bit, if you get into the details. Watson had a passing touchdown rate of 9.3 percent, while Wentz led qualified passers at 7.5 percent. Watson averaged one touchdown pass every 6.6 completions, while the league average was 14.8. The Texans owned the third-lowest drop percentage during the first half of the season, while in the second half they were 10th. And Watson demonstrated an almost preternatural connection with Will Fuller V, connecting with him on five long touchdowns in a three-week span.

However, and this is important, Watson’s success level in these types of big plays wasn’t that unusual overall, as he completed 41.4 percent of “deep” passes (15-plus air yards) while the league average was 41.3 percent. Plus, the Texans ranked 25th in percentage of plays that were designed passes in the first half of the season, and if they increase that volume this season, it could counter or possibly offset any concerns that his efficiency might regress.

Watson’s knee injury was serious, full stop. However, since Watson has experienced a torn ACL and recovery previously while in college, and he returned even better than before, in this case there is reason for measured optimism. Seven months after the surgery, Watson is already going full speed without a knee brace in minicamp. Considering that a good chunk of returning from injury is psychological, Watson’s history should help him have the confidence he’ll need to come back at full speed.

I have my doubts about him being in the top five, but I think he’s top ten. For me to have him as a last round selection, I should get a good chance to beef up the rest of my roster while most of my 12-team league needs to worry about a QB. Plus, it’s exciting as hell to own Watson. It’s like owning Mike Trout at this point. The sky is the limit.

Madden Franchise Blog & More

Madden 19 Franchise Deep Dive blog is out. It sounds like it will be another buy for me (along with Red Dead Redemption 2). It should be a good Fall season of gaming for me. I’m rolling with the Texans and Deshaun Watson of course.

Watson had some great quotes in a second article. He responded to a question about pressure – in regards to trying to compete for the MVP and Comeback Player of the Year Award in the NFL.

“I know who I am and what I can do,” is what he had to say. He’s an impressive young man.

Adrian Peterson Wants To Be A Texan

Adrian Peterson wants to be a Houston Texan, or at least it appears that way. Lamar Miller says he would be open to it.

“I used to look up to Adrian Peterson growing up,” Miller said. “He runs the ball hard. He’s a great running back. He’s been a great running back in this league for years. It would be good to have him join us, just his leadership, seeing the things he’s done in previous years, that I feel like I could probably learn from him. It would help us out as a team.”

This would definitely add some star power to go along with Deshaun Watson and the rest of the Texans core.

I don’t see this happening in the end, but the Texans would be wise to move on this. They will need depth behind Miller, and Peterson proved down the stretch with Arizona that he could still play a little bit in 2017.

RIP Dwight Clark

The man that made the most famous catch in NFL history from the most famous QB in the history of the game has died from ALS at age 61.

A great read at Sports Illustrated about the last meeting of the 1980’s 49ers with Clark. I have the utmost respect for Eddie Debartolo. It sounds like this guy really was what added to the magic of those Niners teams in my childhoods. He totally gets it from an owner standpoint.

My prayers go out to the Clark family. I cannot believe how fast ALS broke him down. As humans we must pray for a cure for this terrifying disease.

Boss Move by Donald Trump; Fuck the Philadelphia Eagles

This is interesting, I would bet that Carson Wentz and Nick Foles for instance; were Trump voters.

The Chris Long’s, Malcolm Jenkins’ types are such a part of this problem.

The World Champions are a disrespectful group that do not care about alienating their customers. I cannot wait to root against them for their embarrassing bullshit in 2018.