Five Pick Friday: Fall Arrival Version

I’m sure you’ve waited all week long to get five weekly NFL picks from a blogger. But usually I’ve got some pretty good hunches, to be honest. Last week I made a correct survivor pick in my pool at work and I’m 30-18 overall in straight up picks through three weeks. That’s good for 8th overall with the leader only at 34-14. There’s a long way to go, and I’ve got time to catch him. A lot of wacky shit has happened thus far. Let’s make some picks and get you ready for your weekend.

One match up of intrigue would be Baltimore traveling to Pittsburgh to take on a Steelers team that must play one more game without Ben Roethlisberger. I don’t think Pittsburgh can go these four games unscathed. I like the Ravens to emerge as the victors in a 20-17 type game tomorrow at Heinz Field.

Washington and Philly are the highlight of the weekend with the most story lines involved. This is the drama that is today’s NFL. Donovan McNabb returns to Philly where I loved watching him compete for a decade to face Michael Vick, who hasn’t been without his own drama in recent years, months or weeks. I like Donovan McNabb better than anyone involved in this. I wish he and Andy Reid would have been together for 15-18 years; and Mcnabb should have finished his career in Philadelphia just like Dan Marino was always a Dolphin when I was a kid. It just wasn’t in the cards. That said, Philadelphia will win tomorrow in what will be high drama at the 4 PM hour.

New England and Miami have beaten everyone but the New York Jets. They’ll be on Monday Night Football to decide who is going to take over second place. Based on what I saw against the Miami pass defense this past Sunday night, I like New England to get the win down in South Beach.

Seattle and St. Louis are pretty evenly matched, so in that fact it’s a good chance to pick a coin flip game. I think that St. Louis spent a lot of energy last week to get their first victory of the season. There will be more for Spagnuolo and Bradford; but not this week. Pete Carroll and the Seahawks get the ‘W’ on the road.

Upset Pick: I like the New York Giants to finally get it together enough to knock off the last undefeated team in the NFC, the Chicago Bears. The Giants are under siege after two disappointing losses. The Bears are exhausted after an emotional win this past Monday Night over the Packers. The Giants will hold serve and find a way this Sunday Night.

Last Week: 2-3
Season: 5-5

Five Pick Friday

Above is a picture of my real Buffalo Wild Wings where I usually take in all of the 1 o’ clock games. Last week I had an up and down week. I went 12-4 overall in my pick em’ and if some backwards stuff hadn’t have happened and the teams that should have won would have held serve I would have probably went 15-1.

Remember, how I differ from your Frank Caliendo’s and your experts is I pick the five toughest games each week. Anyone can have a good record picking Cleveland at Baltimore, and I refuse to do that on this blog.

Here are the weekly picks that you should book; and make sure you take into consideration we’re picking the straight up winners not the spread. We only pick winners here.

Atlanta goes to New Orleans in what I think will be a high scoring affair. I believe this will be the game of the week. I also think that Atlanta has an excellent shot to unseat New Orleans in that division this season, and if you’ll remember; I have Atlanta representing the NFC in the Super Bowl. But I don’t have the balls to pick against Drew Brees and the Saints at home just yet. Atlanta might not lose another game for two months after this Sunday and they’ll beat New Orleans when they come to Atlanta, but this Sunday the Saints will win something like 34-28. It will be an epic game if you get the chance to watch it.

There’s a lot of coin flip games that I don’t see as so ‘coin flip’. Pittsburgh going to Tampa Bay is another one of these. Historically, Pittsburgh has struggled in these match-ups going down to Florida. I still think even with Charlie Batch playing, they find a way to win by a field goal. Pittsburgh improves to 3-0 down in the Florida sun by beating Tampa Bay this Sunday.

San Francisco goes to Kansas City in a game they must have. I picked the ‘Niners to be great this season, and I still think big things lie ahead. This is where they get on track and beat an inflated Chiefs team that is still a 6-win team at best. The 49ers win Sunday at Arrowhead in a statement game for Mike Singletary.

Miami and the Jets lock up in a big game on Sunday Night Football. It’s hard for me to pick against the Jets, but everything surrounding them this week tells me that they’re destined for 1-2 and the storylines will about Braylon Edwards DWI and Darrelle Revis being banged up. Miami will get the win Sunday Night as the Jets fall just short.

UPSET SPECIAL: An underdog finds a way every week in this league. Houston hosts Dallas and has a chance to be 3-0 and the Cowboys would be buried at 0-3 with a loss. Don’t expect the high scoring affair that everyone thinks it will be. Something like 21-17 will do, and Dallas will get rid of the goose egg and seemingly survive one more tightrope walk as they’ve done over the course of time with Wade Phillips at the helm. Phillips is nearing the end, but a win in Houston will give the Cowboys fans some false hopes for at least a week.

Last Week: 3-2
Season: 3-2

The Return of 5 Pick Friday

For your money’s worth on a Sunday there’s nothing better than watching all of the pregame shows and then heading to a Buffalo Wild Wings for the 1:00 action. Fans from nearly every NFL fan base and connections from all over the globe gather to take in the action. Pictured above is not my BW3’s per say but if you’ve been to one you’ve been to them all.

Here is my debut 2010 NFL Five Pick Friday (remember I don’t typically pick the easy games like the Jimmy Kimmel’s of the world):

The game that I’ll be watching and anticipating most this Sunday is the Patriots traveling to Jersey to face my Jets. This is a tough game for obvious reasons but I just don’t see the Jets starting off 0-2. It’s much more likely for me to see each of these teams starting off 1-1. Jets are getting 1.5 as of the time of this post. I’ll take the Jets one more time in the Land of the Sopranos.

After my Jets wrap up, my fiance’s Giants take on the Colts in Indianapolis for a match-up of Mannings. I remember the one that took place in 2006 very well. It was a great game. Peyton got the upper hand that night in the old Meadowlands. Since then both QB’s have won a Super Bowl. That said, I’m taking the same result as in 2006, with Peyton and the Colts winning by a touchdown over Eli and the G-men on Sunday Night Football.

Last Monday Night the Baltimore Ravens made me a believer. This team is ready to challenge for a Super Bowl I think. They’re going to win the AFC North, and they’re going to dismantle the Cincinnati Bengals. Joe Flacco takes huge hits and has a strong and accurate arm with great touch. Their secondary is wounded, but Ngata and Ray Rice are going to be great players in this league for a long time. The Ravens have that look about them, and I expect them to go into Cincinnati this weekend and do what contenders do. Ravens in a rout, we’ll say 24-13.

Houston at Washington is more compelling to me than a Titans/Steelers match-up. These are two teams with a shot at the playoffs, and I think Houston starts to get some serious recognition following up their huge win last weekend over the Colts. I like Houston to go into the nation’s capital and win on the road. Houston beats the Redskins.

UPSET SPECIAL: On Monday Night Football, I like the 49ers to rebound from a disappointing opening to their season by winning against the World Champion New Orleans Saints on the night they retire Jerry Rice’s jersey. Rice had some big games against those Saints when I was a kid, and I expect Micheal Crabtree to go off accordingly.

Five Pick Friday: Twas the Week before Christmas

We’ve arrived at that very special point in the season where it’s the week before Christmas group of games. All of the games this weekend will show the NFL taking full advantage of your holiday spirit and the graphic “Happy Holidays” will be posted along the bottom of every game to welcome you back from commercial breaks. You see, this will be the last time that we see the NFL before Santa and his reindeer come.

Dallas and New Orleans hook up for the Saturday before Christmas spectacular. Remember when the NFL was cool and you were younger and there were two or three games on that Saturday? Not anymore. This should make for an excellent game and I expect the Cowboys to give New Orleans the fight of their lives. It’s in the Big Easy. I think New Orleans will get the victory at home and stay undefeated. Cowboys will put up some points.

The Steelers and Packers have hooked up for a game before Christmas before in my lifetime. It was a 24-19 epic in Green Bay on Christmas eve in 1995. I think this game coming up Sunday in Pittsburgh will be equally as entertaining. You don’t want to miss it. I expect a shootout that comes down to the wire. Aaron Rodgers vs. Big Ben. The Steelers will show their character in this one. I like Pittsburgh to get the upset and knock off the Packers later.

I shy away from picking the Browns games. It’s bad luck, and they always go the other way. I honestly don’t see them winning two in a row, especially in a tough place like Kansas City where they haven’t won since 1988. It’ll be some kind of low scoring affair with lots of miscues. Chiefs get the “W”.

Atlanta takes on the New York Jets. Someone’s season ends there at the Meadowlands. Matt Ryan is still questionable to play. Atlanta has no chance with him. Rex Ryan will find a way to keep his team alive for one more week. It’s just not in the cards for the Falcons this year. The Jets get the victory.

UPSET PICK: Cincinnati goes to San Diego in the wake of losing their teammate Chris Henry. I’d like to see the Bengals win this game. It should also be a pretty good contest filled with a lot of drama. The Chargers are rolling, and until someone knocks them off…… you know what? I’m going with the Bengals in what the national media will latch onto as one of the best feel good stories of the season.

Last Week: 4-1
Season: 22-16

5 Picks on Heisman Saturday

Today is the Heisman Trophy Award Ceremony. This has always been kind of a fun Saturday. I do miss the NFL having a few games on today to keep the interest of the public, but whatever. I think it’s fairly clear cut who the Heisman Trophy winner will be tonight. While every candidate will get first place votes and run the gammit, probably getting 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th as well; I think that the winner will be Colt Mccoy. Mccoy’s game against Texas A&M along with his pedigree and character make voters attracted to him. It could go any which way, but I will go on record and say Mccoy wins college football’s most prestigious award.

Now for the picks you been waiting all week for.

The Packers travel to Chicago to try to keep rolling and stay just a game behind the Minnesota Vikings. I like the Packers to roll here by a touchdown at least. If the Packers win out, Aaron Rodgers should get some MVP votes.

The Broncos travel to Indianapolis in a game that if it is getting any attention, it’s too much. The Colts will win this game handily.

The Redskins travel to Oakland for a matchup of two bad teams that should make for a pretty good game. Jason Campbell and the Skins find a way to win this one.

The 4:15 national game is the Cowboys hosting the Chargers. This could be a shootout and it will be a pretty good ballgame. I like the Cowboys to find a way.

New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles at the Meadowlands is the big one. This is a game the Giants must have to continue their season. Truth of the matter is that the Eagles just have their number. Philadelphia will get the win, and the Giants will be in all intensive purposes eliminated.

Last Week: 3-2
Season Overall: 18-15

5 Pick Friday: Season’s Greetings

December is usually a happy time of year. That’s funny, because I’ve never felt more miserable. In fact, I feel like I’ve turned into Scrooge overnight. I’ll get the short rant out of the way. My health problems are terrible. I have no money to buy Christmas gifts for other people if I want to pay my bills. My NFL team is awful. But you know what the beauty of this time of year is? You can still find the happiness in some type of silver lining usually. This is the best time of year for NFL Football, so let’s get on with the picks.

The Cowboys travel to the Meadowlands to face the New York Giants. Reminds me a little of 2006 when the Giants welcomed the Boys to the Meadowlands with their season basically on the line and gave it a tremendous effort only to lose by a Martin Gramatica kick at the gun. Remember the Red jerseys? Unfortunately, I see the G-Men falling this week and then needing to run the table and get help to get in. The Cowboys are the pick for this weekend’s titanic clash.

The Eagles travel to Atlanta for another NFC game in which there will be playoff ramifications at stake. This would be a tremendous game if Matt Ryan was healthy, which he is not. The Falcons have to win to stay alive, and they got a nice game out of their backup QB last week. I still like the Eagles to go in and keep the pressure on the rest of the NFC East with a victory. We’ll be pulling hard for the Falcons at my house.

The Titans have won 5 games in a row and travel to Indy in a highly publicsized game. This is also reminding me of those 2006 Titans who ran off several wins in a row to get into the playoff chase in 2006 with Vince Young as a rookie. Vince is no longer a rookie but beating this Colts team would be a win of legendary proportions, especially in Indy. I like the Colts to keep rolling and end the Titans 5 game winning streak.

The Vikings and Cardinals get the flex game on Sunday Night Football. Kurt Warner is out, so the Vikings defense will lick their chops over Matt Leinart. The Vikings are looking pretty dominant. Minnesota gets the victory.

No upset pick this week. The best game of the week is on Monday Night Football with the Packers playing host to the Ravens. The winner of this game has a great shot at making the playoffs while the loser takes a huge hit. Joe Flacco vs. Aaron Rodgers on the tundra at Lambeau. Don’t even know who to root for in this one. I just want to see a shootout. I guess we have to pull for the Packers and I like the Pack to get the win.

Last week: 2-3
Overall: 15-13