Ed Reed Retires

AFC Wild Card Game: Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins


This day comes for all who play the game, some just hang on long and are effective for a longer period. Ed Reed has retired after 11 years in the NFL, last playing for the New York Jets in 2013.

He scored nine regular season touchdowns. It seemed like every time there was a turnover, he was looking to score and most of the time he did.

Ed Reed had 64 career interceptions and 11 fumble recoveries. He holds NFL records for the most interception return yards in NFL history (1,590) and has nine career postseason interceptions.

We’ll see you in Canton in five years. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Super Bowl XLVII



[ESPN NFL Nation]

This is one of the best Super Bowls I will ever remember. I was sick as a dog with the flu during it and all week following it. I lost $400 on this game (took home $200 from a pick em league instead of $600, the other guy had the Ravens and I had to ride or die with the Niners).

But the lasting memory I’ll take from this game is what a dominating player Colin Kaepernick can be in this league. He is truly a superstar in the making. Terrell Suggs agrees.

The 49ers will enter 2013 a Super Bowl favorite.

I’m spending a lot of today watching America’s Game on NFL Network. I already miss football.

Super Bowl XLVII Caps a Memorable NFL Season


Today is the final game. Super Bowl XLVII with the Baltimore Ravens taking on the San Francisco 49ers in Ray Lewis’ true last ride. The last time these two teams were in the big game, I was still living with my parents.

I’ve got a few organic pizza’s on their way, pimento dip, beer and cheddar potato chips, and shrimp! It’s a sad day that cultivates in a celebration of the NFL season. I can’t make it until September with no football.

The 49ers got here with an amazing win in Atlanta. The Ravens got here via Ray Lewis’ ‘last ride’ comment and fought through all odds.

So many memories of this 2012 NFL season. I’ll be back later to recap the Super Bowl. I hope Colin Kaepernick goes off and the 49ers get the win.

NFL Wildcard Sunday 2013


Today *might* just be the “last ride” for Ray Lewis as he and the Ravens take on the Colts in Baltimore. If I can get just one game this weekend, I want the Colts to advance. If it is the final Sunday for Ray Lewis, Deadspin gave him a fitting tribute earlier in the week.

The other game I went back and forth with all weekend on who I want to win. I’ve decided I want the Redskins to advance, because I want to watch RGIII. If Russell Wilson and the Seahawks win, they’ll be my NFC horse. Basically the winner of that game becomes my new NFC horse.

My predictions for today:

Ravens 30 Colts 24

Seahawks 21 Redskins 13

Meanwhile, in Cleveland

The Browns lose, again. Huge shocker there. Everyone’s hero Brandon Weeden continued to look to me like a bum. But hey, Browns fans are happy. It was a close loss. It was only by 10 points. At home. They’re not that far away.

Best decision I ever made was to stop watching Browns football. It’s a product that ceases to be entertaining, fun, enjoyable, or anything close to those adjectives. Once new owner Jimmy Haslam steps in and changes those uniforms then the decision will be 100% justified instead of 99.9% justified.

Just brutal. These guys completely suck.