Browns Offensive Coordinator Speaks Glowingly of Johnny Manziel

You always wonder when you hear something like this if it’s an offensive coordinator just trying to make a guy comfortable, or if he really means it.

“All I know is this: From the moment he stepped in this building from the last two weeks, he’s been nothing but a consummate professional,” DeFilippo said Saturday, per The Plain Dealer. “He’s spent every hour that he’s been allowed to spend in this building.

“I can’t predict the future, but all I can do is tell you right now Johnny Manziel is putting himself in a position to be a quarterback in the NFL.”

I guess after all is said and done, we’re pulling for Manziel to work out in Cleveland. At least to see him get another shot at being the starting QB. Cleveland is going to be terrible again with Josh McCown leading the way; but you hope Manziel does enough to once again get a nibble at the job and be the guy for the next few years.

Johnny Manziel Seen at Cleveland Bar Pub Three Days after release from Rehab

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 8.05.00 PM

Draw your own conclusions with this one – and it doesn’t say Johnny Manziel was drinking – but an alcoholic at a bar is never a good thing. It’s like putting a guy with a gambling problem in the middle of Caesar’s Palace with a pocket full of Ben Franklin’s.

The Browns head coach Mike Pettine (who should be coaching High School ball in Mentor) recently said that Johnny Manziel was not the frontrunner to be the Browns starting QB.

Meanwhile, in Cleveland; Brandon Weeden is doing what we said he would do

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 8.16.45 PM

Another beauty of a day in Green Bay for Brandon Weeden. I sure am sad I took Green Bay and the -10. I sure am sad I didn’t stick around for the bullshit that Mike Holmgren and the Cleveland crooks running that organization are subjecting the idiot Cleveland fans to.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go watch my team’s future Hall of Fame Quarterback face off against a legend. Step aside, Cleveland.

Colts Trade 1st-round Pick to Cleveland Browns for Trent Richardson


It sure seemed like Trent Richardson would be a star when he was selected 3rd overall out of Alabama in the 2012 NFL Draft. Just 14 games into his Cleveland Browns career, it has ended. The Browns and Colts made a huge trade last evening, swapping a first-round pick for the talented running back who figures to provide the Colts with another weapon for Andrew Luck who should really look good in that Colts offense.

It all started when the Colts owner took to twitter, I was on the golf course:

It’s impossible to begin to assess who won this deal. This is something that only time will tell – possibly five years from now. It does springboard the Colts back into contention a little bit this season, which is a good thing. Losing Dwayne Allen for the year as well as Vick Ballard were pretty big blows to that offense, so the Colts made a re-commitment to winning now by adding a big time weapon.

As for the Browns, they need to hope to finish as horrible as they possibly can now so they can select Ted Bridgewater first overall, and then go with the best player available with their second first rounder. If they don’t finish as the worst team in the league (which, knowing the Browns they’ll win a few that hurt them in the long run) then they should use both first rounders to get Bridgewater with a first round pick if it’s possible.

Colts fans should be happy with this trade at least in the near term.

Browns at Colts Preseason Game #3


[Game Book]

[Indy Star]

I watched about the entire first half of the Colts 27-6 win against the Browns last night in Indianapolis. Here are some observations:

  • Andrew Luck looked SMOOTH. Luck completed 16 of 25 passes for 164 yards and two touchdowns. His lone interception was a tipped ball in the red zone – and not his fault. I realized last night through watching that Luck’s protection might not be a whole lot better than last season but his escapability and ability to move around in the pocket and throw when his feet aren’t set is probably his best attribute. I just hope that Luck doesn’t get hit on one of those awkward slides this season. His throws were extremely accurate and crisp and just have a zip to them that most quarterbacks don’t have. It’s out of his hand and on the receiver in a blink.
  • The Colts lack much of a semblance of a running game. Vick Ballard had 10 carries for 33 yards, and it seemed like he was running into his own line a lot of the time. I don’t think it was the Browns playing the run well; it was just the Colts typical so-so running game.
  • The Browns seemed to have a good pressure pass rush going. I don’t think this is credit necessarily that goes 100% to the Browns. I think the Colts are going to struggle in protecting Luck.
  • Brandon Weeden turned back into a pumpkin last night. Good to see the Colts slow down a guy who has had the hot hand thus far in preseason as he went just 12 of 25 for 105. There were some drops but overall the Colts did a nice job in pass coverage.
  • Reggie Wayne had 7 catches for 79 yards. That’s big numbers for a preseason game.
  • Thank God this was preseason game number three. It seems like the preseason has been going on forever; and I don’t know if that’s due to my excitement for the regular season beginning or not. I still can’t believe we have two weeks to go.


Another problem for the Cleveland Browns: Josh Gordon Faces one-year suspension

I’m hardly surprised anymore when I read that something has gone terribly wrong for the Cleveland Browns.

After a 50-catch, 805 yard 2012 season, Josh Gordon is facing a one-year suspension from the NFL if he fails another drug test. Here’s the most recent from the local fish-wrap, the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon already has two strikes against him after testing positive for codeine in February, and could get kicked out of the NFL for at least a year if he fails a third drug test, league sources said Saturday.

Gordon’s two-game suspension and four-game fine for the codeine — which he said was contained in cough syrup prescribed for strep throat — means he was already in Stage Two of the NFL’s substance abuse program.

For a player to be suspended, he must have violated the policy at least one other time. That means that Gordon — who failed three marijuana tests in college and was dismissed from Baylor and Utah — has tested positive at least five times since October, 2010.

Heavens to Betsy, can the Browns do anything right? They didn’t have a 2nd round pick this season because they used a pick to select Gordon in the supplemental draft before last season. Gordon appeared to be the field-stretch guy that the Browns needed to take the next step (once they find a real Quarterback). And now this.

They’re going to go 4-12 or 5-11, possibly 6-10 at best once again. And they’ll be back to the drawing board again. They just can’t get it right in Cleveland. Everything that can go wrong, does. I don’t really feel bad for them at this point, though I like Chudzinski and hope he’s eventually the guy to turn it around.

For that to happen, the Browns are going to need to be in position to take Teddy Bridgewater in next year’s draft. And they’re going to need Gordon to stay clean off the field so they can continue to build the cockpit for their next Quarterback.