Cowboys Pass Rusher David Irving faces 4-game Suspension for PED’s


David Irving, the Compton Kid who I saw take over a couple games last season when I had the Cowboys on television that David Irving was taking the game over, looking like a dominating pass rusher. It made me say to myself ‘man, the Cowboys really have it all right now’.

Now Irving faces a possible four game suspension from the league for PED usage. I think this stuff is incredibly prevalent in the league. I think certain guys are abstinent from trouble on this type of thing; and I think an incredibly high percentage of the league is on some type of steroids or growth hormone. I think the NFL does what they can to control it; but I’m not naive like when I was a kid about this stuff.

I was down on the field before a Bengals and Browns game a few years ago. They guys were so big they were superhuman looking, mutant looking. It’s not natural.

It is interesting to see how many guys the Cowboys have lost here and there for time periods on the Defensive Line for PED suspensions.

More on Dak Prescott and 2017

I remember the week I said to myself the Cowboys had something special going; the moment I bought in and said this is a badass team, that can hit you in the mouth in a physical war on the road and take it to anyone in the NFL. 

That was week 10 in Pittsburgh. The Steelers were favored by -3, and I was on the wrong side of this one from the get-go. The Cowboys would prevail 35-30 in a wild game, in one of the marquee games of the entire season. I watched it with my dad, and he’s not really even a big football fan. He even got to saying ‘wow’ with what he saw. Here is every Dak Prescott throw from that game.

The Cowboys young superstar went 22 of 32 on that day, for 319 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions.

You definitely remember Zeke Elliot taking that early dump pass 83 yards to the house. Then he hit Dez Bryant with the bomb late to kind of show you that the Cowboys weren’t just in the game, they were going to take the whole damn thing. It was their 8th straight win. It was incredible.

Prescott; as everyone knows, finished the season with 23 touchdowns to 4 interceptions. A 104.9 rating challenged somewhat for the passing title and set a rookie record.

But now there’s talk of Dak Prescott regressing for 2017, and that’s why oddsmakers are slighting the Cowboys in win totals a little bit in addition to their tough schedule coming up.

Of all the convenient excuses to knock the Cowboys, this is the worst. Dak Prescott showed that he was a special player and person last year, why would any of that change in year two? Because defenses have a “book” on him now?

Defenses have a book on Carson Wentz too, but there’s no mention of him regressing. Apparently, only Dak will take a step back. By the way, teams also had a book on Andrew Luck, Derek Carr, Peyton Manning, and a whole host of other quarterbacks that have come through the league. Bring up the name Robert Griffin III all you like, but comparisons to Prescott rings hollow. Dak has a much better build, feel and mind for the game than Bob did, so that assessment is lazy and inaccurate.

There’s another prevailing thought that has been thrown around the NFL for the last 20-30 years; a player makes the most improvements from year one to year two. But again, that doesn’t seem to apply to Prescott.

It’s a complete joke to say the Cowboys are going to take a step back because of Dak Prescott.

Well said.

Dak says this is his team. He’s got the swagger and the moxy to come back and not only improve, but challenge for the MVP award and win the Super Bowl in his second season if the supporting cast complies.

Most shining of all, the Gold Standard football website out there; Pro Football Focus, has ranked Prescott as the best NFL QB under 25. WOW.

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys (2016 PFF overall grade: 84.9)

Seemingly a contrarian pick right of the gate, but no QB currently under 25 earned a higher grade than Dak Prescott did in 2016. Some will say he wasn’t asked to do much, but I don’t believe it matters, as he played nearly-flawless football. Only Patriots QB Tom Brady took better care of the ball in 2016, and Prescott’s nine turnover-worthy throws were significantly lower than both Winston and Tennessee Titans QB Marcus Mariota. What’s more, Prescott’s 14 big-time-throws were right on par with Winston’s 16.

FOURTEEN big time throws. Only Brady took better care of the ball. Sky is the damn limit. Shit, I love the Cowboys and Dak!

The Cowboys Core

I was on the Cowboys roster resource page, to me, this team has a ‘core’ and a group of guys I really like that this team is built around. Here it is:

QB: Dak Prescott
RB: Ezekiel Elliot
WR: Dez Bryant (Terrance Williams/Beasley/Switzer as role players)
TE: Jason Witten (this spot will need an upgrade soon, somehow)
OL: Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick, Zack Martin, La’el Collins
K: Dan Bailey
DE: Taco Charlton, Demarcus Lawrence (David Irving moving into position to be a core guy? Saw the kid from Compton take a game over against the Packers and Buccaneers)
LB: Sean Lee, (Jaylon Smith on the horizon)
FS: Byron Jones
CB: Chidobe Awuzie, Jourdan Lewis (more excited about Lewis out of Michigan)

Dallas Cowboys bid for 2018 Draft

The Dallas Cowboys have put in a bid to host the 2018 NFL Draft. I think they’re in an excellent spot to get it.

I heard that feedback from when Dallas hosted the Super Bowl in 2011 wasn’t great. Traveling to the stadium was tough. The weather wasn’t cooperative. But Philadelphia got their shot at the draft this past year and came away with rave reviews.

The Boys deserve the chance to host this, and you know Jerry Jones being the showman that he is would roll out the red carpet.

Cowboys sign tallest player in NFL History

Here’s a name to remember: Dan Skipper. He’s getting some run time because we’re going to look at every Cowboys move, inside and out from here forward. But he’s also getting on the blog because he’s the tallest player recorded in NFL history at 6 foot 10! This monster hails from Arkansas and is an undrafted rookie free agent.

I love that he’s an offensive tackle. Here’s his draft profile highlights:



Very tall for the position with decent functional athleticism. Has experience starting at both tackle spots. Has operated in a pro-style rushing attack and has experience firing off the ball and working with guards. Decent timing with his pass-pro punch. Can pull and is able to operate in space as a run blocker. While not always fluid with it, shows ability to transition from first to second block. Intelligent and aware of his responsibilities against twists.


At times, height works against him due to lack of anchor. Is consistently jolted by power players at first punch. Will default to wide, engulfing hands in pass protection, which opens his chest to bull-rushers. Rarely able to get his pad level into leveraged position due to center of gravity. Missing leg drive to consistently pop and secure his down blocks. Hand placement is spotty and he lacks power in them. As run blocker, will be unable to turn NFL defenders out of the hole with footwork and technique.


Rounds 6-7


Size will be appealing to some NFL teams as will his experience at both tackle positions. His experience in Arkansas’ physical rushing attack should work in his favor, but he lacks the sand in his pants to consistently match power with power against bigger, NFL-caliber talent at the point of attack. The same height that will intrigue some teams might ultimately rob Skipper of the necessary leverage he needs at the next level. Could project as a third-day (Rounds 4-7) swing tackle prospect who will have to battle to win a roster spot.

I hope to see Skipper make the Cowboys out of camp. I know Dallas has a gem offensive line; but a body like this cannot just be cast aside. He’s got that Arkansas connection too with Jerry, so he should be good if he can show anything in camp to add depth to an already monstrous offensive line. 

Dak Has Brought me Back

I said it a long time ago; but Dak Prescott was a guy who I just immediately loved. I watched a lot of their games last season, and the guy just caught my eye. Down to the bitter end in Dallas with the heroic comeback against the Packers in the 34-31 loss – he was special. To me, as a Cowboy; he seemed like a guy I could latch on to and love forever. I am going to be a Dallas Cowboys fan going forward. Now and forever.

I will be writing exclusively about the Cowboys from here onward, and the entire NFL when the right story comes along. It’s time to Make The Nosebleeds NFL Blog great again. I’m going to pour my heart and soul into this.

I ordered my Dak Prescott figure tonight off Clarktoys, I’ll be getting Madden this year and chronicling my franchise play on that here, and I’m going to get a Dak Prescott jersey.

Here’s the schedule I live by in Fall 2017:

Couple schedule highlights:

WEEK 1 vs. New York Giants: Home opener on Sunday Night football against my wife’s pride and joy team. The kids will be in bed. I will be parked in front of my television to watch the Cowboys start 1-0 at the greatest stadium in the world, AT&T. The Cowboys open as a +900 favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl against the mighty Patriots. This is where it begins.

WEEK 5 vs. Packers: Revenge game. Right now, I can tell you the Cowboys are going to want the shit out of Aaron Rodgers and this game. I cannot wait until they get their shot. Things didn’t end as they should of ended last January in Dallas. This is payback.

WEEK 8 at Washington: Halloween. Dad might go as Jerry Jones this year. But it’s actually a few days before Halloween. But it’s Halloween weekend. And the Cowboys get their hated rival on that away turf. It’s going to be fun to hate the Redskins again on a weekly basis. The late 4:25 start helps.

WEEK 9 vs. Kansas City: This is my birthday game! Traditionally, my team always puts up big fight the weekend of or before my birthday. Things seem to have a little extra magic. Will we get Prescott vs. Mahomes? One can only hope. But this i a quality opponent and a late 4:25 start is quality. I might even wiggle out of bath night. Chilli and cake, please.

WEEK 12 vs. Los Angeles Chargers: The Turkey Day Game. We will likely be in New Jersey. I’ll get to try to wrestle two kids, eat, visit my wife’s entire family; and somehow still see this game. Traditionally in New Jersey on Thanksgiving I miss the entire Lions game, and see some of the Cowboys game. It’s a tradition I just can’t let go of. Prescott dazzled last year on Thanksgiving and I watched a lot of it at my mothers in beating the Redskins 31-26.  He’s still never turned the ball over on Turkey Day and he’s 1-0. It’s time to start a streak, against the glitz and glamour of of Los Angeles’ new football team.

WEEK 16 vs. Seattle: This one should be a beauty, and it’s a shame that on Christmas Eve we won’t be able to really soak in football for the second year in a row. I’ll have to miss a lot of this because of church, so I’ll need to turn off the cell phone and DVR it or something so I can come home and see who won. There’s no one I hate more than Seattle in the game. This will be a dogfight, with playoff positioning on the line. I already won’t be surprised to see Seattle pull this one out and spoil the night before Christmas; because that’s what Seattle does. Whacky fuck finish coming just before cookies are laid out for Harper and Brody. This will be a physical test for my Cowboys.

WEEK 17 at Philadelphia: Closing down shop against a team with high expectations and an equally flashy young QB in Carson Wentz. My guess is Dallas has the division title wrapped up, and Philadelphia is fighting to get in. This game will mean something and guys won’t be resting. It’s a 1:00 start, and it’s New Year’s Eve! So I’ll probably see it. I don’t love football on Christmas eve, but I do love it on New Years Eve! It’s the way it should be. This must mean College Football isn’t doing the bowl playoffs on New Years eve this year.

I’m sad to see that the Cowboys don’t get a Saturday December game, because I love those. But with Romo gone, Dak and Zeke as the future; and some of the new breed like Taco Charlton out of Michigan joining the force at AT&T which is Camelot; this should be the greatest season ever upcoming. I cannot wait.

Dallas loses Thriller to Green Bay 34-31


[Game book]

[PFT] [] [Dak Prescott Highlights]

Dallas finished the fight. They just didn’t win.

Dak Prescott was awesome. In his first playoff game at 23 years of age he was 24 of 38 for 302 yards and three touchdowns. He ran in a two-point conversion to tie the game with four minutes left in the game. He overcame deficits of 21-3 and 28-13. Dez Bryant showed out, nine catches for 132 yards and two touchdowns. But none of it was enough.

Dallas’ coaching staff may have cost their team the game with a late spike that cost them a down when they were down three points. They settled for a Dan Bailey field goal that tied the game at 31-31, and that would be the last time Dallas would touch the ball in a game that looked headed for overtime.

Aaron Rodgers made a magical play to Jared Cook on third down with :12 remaining and Mason Crosby kicked a 51-yard field goal to win the game.

Zeke Elliot had 125 yards on 22 carries, but couldn’t be used to close out the game or keep Aaron Rodgers off the field. The defense of Dallas just didn’t get enough stops.

My playoff horse is done. The number one seed has been bounced.