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Happy Monday to all out there. First Monday in August, and it’s very hard to believe we’re already into the dog days of summer. If the lockout hadn’t squashed the hopes of so many, this upcoming weekend would be the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio.

I really want to get into the habit of reading Peter King’s Monday Morning QB column on SI each week. I made a habit of skimming it last year, but I really want to read it and digest it. I like how he sprinkles everything-NFL that you need all in one spot, with a fair amount of ass-kissing.  Today’s useful bit:

Watching Cam Newton Sunday night in Spartanburg, S.C., three things were evident: He’s a confident kid, even though he doesn’t know half of what he needs to know yet. He’s very well-liked by the fans, and that’s helped by signing as many autographs as any Panther in camp so far. And though his accuracy is very much a work in progress (he missed six or eight open receivers Sunday), he does throw a beautiful deep ball — as he did to wideout David Gettis late in practice, a 45-yard throw that landed in Gettis’ arms perfectly.

So nothing about the tweet last night and King getting snubbed by the Panther’s QB of the future. This I assume, is because King knows that he was off base in the first place and he knows why Newton reacted the way that he did.

Maybe Newton didn’t have time for SI’s King, but he had time for Jarrett Bell of USA Today. He also had an interesting quote in that story.

People hear that and think, ‘He’s looking to start, Day 1.’ I’m not saying that. I’m just pushing myself. Let’s weave through the gossip and the excuses, and get down to the nitty gritty

Another funny part in the article that I do buy is that Carolina Offensive Coordinator Rob Chudzinski sees a burning desire in Newton to excell. I should hope so. Most people display that their first few days at any job. I thought that was kind of funny. Although I do buy that Newton is going to be an other-worldly character and guy who has a hunger to win like no one we’ve seen in the pro game before.

It’s unfortunate they’re close to adding Derek Anderson to the stable of Jimmy Clausen and Newton. The guy brings nothing to the table, is as dumb as a box of rocks, and fights with fans and the media. Just a complete train wreck cancer.

Hopefully more to come later today.

Derek Anderson, still a cancer

I maintain that Derek Anderson is just not a guy you want anywhere near your football team. Anderson did this last night after the 49ers 27-6 win over the Arizona Cardinals. He used to routinely pull this shit in Cleveland. Throw a pick, laugh about it. Throw 5 picks, laugh about it. Lose a game, shrug it off as long as he completed 50% and didn’t throw any INT’s or have any turnovers. This guy is like the worst possible person you could ever have on your professional sports franchise.

Hat tip: that little Italian at PFT Florio.

Opening NFL Sunday tidbits

Early on today we went to Buffalo Wings N’ Rings and watched the Giants take on the Panthers and the physical battle between Atlanta and Pittsburgh. Matt Ryan did not step up like I thought he would.

Eli Manning added three more scoring tosses to his career total in what was an eventual 31-18 sloppy win for the fiance’s G-Men.

In the late game, we had the Packers/Eagles game on the television and I watched Sam Bradford’s first career NFL start on my computer (thank you I enjoy watching Bradford play. He threw 55 times in his first career start and nearly pulled out the win over Derek Anderson and the Cardinals. In the end, he fell just short and threw three interceptions.

Now, we’re making a pizza and winding down with the Cowboys and Redskins on the television. I have to admit, my excitement will be at an all-time high getting ready to watch the Jets/Ravens tilt tomorrow evening in the first game of the Monday Night Football double-header. It kind of stunk not having my team playing today. In other news, the Browns were the Cleveland Browns again.

Today in all, felt kind of dull. I’m not real sure why. I guest the most enjoyable part for me was getting to watch Bradford nearly lead a young Rams team to a victory and the Pittsburgh/Atlanta game was very good and physical until the end.

Expect a flurry of posts tomorrow in what I am sure will be the best game of the week. The talk is over for the Jets, and it’s time to show the world what they’re all about.

Browns find victory; and possible field general

The Cleveland Browns gave their fans some smiles on a beautiful Saturday evening on the lakefront. In this ever important 3rd preseason game that is often considered the final dress rehearsal, the Browns showed up and made plays that gave off the feel of a solid winning environment.
Brady Quinn was the star of the whole show, firing a 20 yard touchdown strike to Braylon Edwards on a slant. Quinn completed 11 of 15 passes for 128 yards and a touchdown.
Eric Mangini still says there’s no timetable for naming the starter. This is puzzling. What more is there to see or figure out? I think back to some of the best advice I’ve ever received–that the only poor decision is often being reluctant to make one at all.
Quinn was nothing but class after his performance.
“I expect to practice on Monday and that’s about it,” Quinn said. “Derek and I are both two mentally tough guys, and that’s why we’re here on this team as quarterbacks. If our coaches wanted us to go forever, I’m sure we can go forever.”
Regardless of what happens you have to really admire the way that Quinn played under the gun and under pressure. Eric Mangini is making a mistake by not letting Quinn finally put his stamp on this team in what has dwindled down to the remaining days before the season gets underway. It was a memorable night for Browns fans and Brady Quinn fans.

Good write-up on an opportunity lost

The writers at Swerb’s Blurbs always have a nice reaction to all things Cleveland sports. Here’s a snippet.

The sheer inevitability of the decision leads to an obvious question- why on earth did the Browns not allow Derek Anderson to become a restricted free agent last spring? Brady Quinn wasn’t drafted to be a backup. The fans were never going to truly accept DA, warts and all, and DA’s performance had been trending downward basically since the second Steelers game in the middle of the 2007 season. At some point Derek Anderson’s inaccuracy and inconsistency, combined with the pro-Quinn momentum, was going to cost him his job. And instead of being proactive, instead of gambling from strength by allowing DA to be plucked for draft picks, Phil Savage went supine and reactive. He didn’t make a choice. He upheld what amounted to an unsustainable status quo.

Now what are we going to get from Derek Anderson? Bullocks. He’ll either stay in Cleveland as a backup, or be released at the end of the season. Either way, his days as a starter in an orange helmet are over. He was always fool’s gold, and now everybody knows it. Phil had a rare opportunity to cash in before DA’s coach-and-four went back to being a pumpkin- the extent of the cashing-in I don’t know, but he could have gotten something- and failed to pull the trigger. Given the way Anderson’s deal was structured, the cost was relatively low- but not low enough to offset the benefit of dangling him before the highest bidder. It might end up being the single biggest failure of Savage’s tenure in Cleveland.

I’ve been saying this all along, but the Browns should have capitalized on Anderson’s value when they had the chance. They shot themselves in the foot. Now we’re told that Anderson’s present value is no greater than a 3rd round pick. If you would have just slapped the tender on the guy, you’re on the hook for a year if no one signs him, and if someone would have they’re paying him and we would have had 1st and 3rd round picks to show for it. And Quinn would have been starting from game 1 this year.

Crennel: Anderson is our QB ‘right now’

If anyone who has ever read this blog wonders why the posting frequency has dropped off let me explain to you why. I am absolutely out of energy for NFL football right now. The Cleveland Browns have done that to me in putting my entire heart and soul into being a fan of them, and refusing to make any changes, most prominently at the QB position. I hate this team, I have been rooting against them and I won’t stop until Crennel and Anderson especially Anderson are both gone.

When Brady Quinn becomes the starting QB of this team, and it will happen in due time I’m told; I will be posting on this site daily about everything NFL. For now, its a dead sport to me. I’m giving my tickets away to thursday nights game and if no one wants them I’ll throw them in my fireplace. That is how unhappy I am with our current state.

From coach Grimmace’s lips:

When asked if Anderson was still Crennel’s starting quarterback, the Browns coach replied, “Yes, as of right now.”

What the hell is that? Is it because you know you’re gone after the season Crennel, and that it doesn’t benefit you in anyway to see what the Browns future looks like? Makes sense to me.