Dak Prescott Runs out of Time against Green Bay

[Packers 35, Cowboys 31]
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Aaron Rodgers got Dak Prescott once again.

The Cowboys looked near flawless in amassing a 21-6 lead early in the first half. Dak Prescott was on fire. He threw three touchdown passes and was making plays left and right. There was no answer for him. He finished 25 of 36 for 3 TD’s, an interception and 251 yards. He ran for another 37 yards on 4 rushes and scored what should have been the game-winning touchdown. There was 1:13 left on the clock.

Then it became apparent that Rod Marinelli once again had no answer for Aaron Rodgers; Rodgers is now 14-2 against Rod Marinelli defenses in his career.

To the Cowboys credit, they seemed to know this. They knew that they had to try to grind this game out and leave Rodgers with little to no time left. They turned the game over to Zeke Elliott and he responded with some huge rungs. He had 29 big carries for 116 yards.

This was probably the game of the season; it just sucks that heading into a bye week that the Cowboys were handed such a crushing defeat and are now 3-2 on the season without much of a signature win to speak of.

Dallas loses Thriller to Green Bay 34-31


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Dallas finished the fight. They just didn’t win.

Dak Prescott was awesome. In his first playoff game at 23 years of age he was 24 of 38 for 302 yards and three touchdowns. He ran in a two-point conversion to tie the game with four minutes left in the game. He overcame deficits of 21-3 and 28-13. Dez Bryant showed out, nine catches for 132 yards and two touchdowns. But none of it was enough.

Dallas’ coaching staff may have cost their team the game with a late spike that cost them a down when they were down three points. They settled for a Dan Bailey field goal that tied the game at 31-31, and that would be the last time Dallas would touch the ball in a game that looked headed for overtime.

Aaron Rodgers made a magical play to Jared Cook on third down with :12 remaining and Mason Crosby kicked a 51-yard field goal to win the game.

Zeke Elliot had 125 yards on 22 carries, but couldn’t be used to close out the game or keep Aaron Rodgers off the field. The defense of Dallas just didn’t get enough stops.

My playoff horse is done. The number one seed has been bounced.

Drama in the Desert


Carson Palmer just threw a tipped touchdown pass to Michael Floyd for his second touchdown catch of the day to put the Cardinals up 17-13 in Arizona with just over 3:00 to go. The Packers just kneeled the kickoff.

Palmer has been really shaky, throwing one to Sam Shields that could have ended the game but Shields dropped his third interception attempt of the day.

The Packers have hung in there tough with a really banged up WR corps, but time is running out on their season.

Carolina Panthers 8-0 after Dismantling Packers in Charlotte


[Panthers 37, Packers 29]

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This is the Carolina Panthers season; Cam Newton’s season that everyone has waited on. This will be the season on the back of the card that you remember forever, no matter how it ends up.

Newton threw beautiful ball after beautiful ball to lead the Panthers to their first 8-0 start in team history last Sunday. He ran for a touchdown, and while he was just 15 of 30, he continued the ‘win ugly’ Panthers mantra, also running for a touchdown and getting the Panthers off to a fast start in driving right down the field and getting on the board first.

Newton is everywhere right now. With 14 TD’s and 9 INT’s and five touchdowns on the ground, he’s a candidate for MVP with the cast of characters that he’s doing this with.

One game at a time; the Panthers go to Tennessee this week to take on an upstart Titans team that did them a favor knocking off the New Orleans Saints in overtime in New Orleans last week.

The Panthers are two games up on homefield advantage in the NFC, and Newton was named NFL offensive player of the week.

1995 NFC Championship Game

Another one of my all-time favorite games from my childhood – the 1995 NFC Championship Game.

This was when Brett Favre was first starting his climb up, and you can tell as you watch the game that John Madden (and Pat Summerall) is already a little smitten with a guy who he feels is going to be pretty good yet doesn’t know he’s going to be a legend.

I remember watching this game in our living room and being really upset that Favre and the Packers couldn’t get through Dallas. My time as being intrigued with the Cowboys had passed and I was pulling for the underdog Packers, along with my mother.

This is of course, the last real running of the Bulls for a Cowboys team and the Packers will return the next year to win the whole damn thing. There’s a sense as you watch this game that the Pack is on the way up. It’s one of my favorite games ever, at old Texas Stadium.

I remember this one, too

I’m having all kinds of fun on YouTube tonight with old NFL highlights from my childhood.

The caption of this one says it all:

Yancey Thigpen’s drop of a sure touchdown pass on 4th and goal with 12 seconds left gives the Packers their first division title in 23 years on Christmas Eve, 1995.

I had this game on in my room. I was waiting for my grandparents to come over for our Christmas Eve celebration. They always returned home from Florida just a day or two before Christmas. And man, was I excited to see them because for me on this Christmas they had the favorite present I would ever get for Christmas – and they let the cat out of the bag early before returning home from Deltona. With them for Christmas they had a 1994 Brett Favre ROOKIE Kenner Starting Lineup Figure! The holy grail of figures at that time, and Brett Favre was like a God to me in those days.

Christmas eve football at Lambeau with the snowflakes falling and a game down to the wire, while mom was in the kitchen making a meal. Things like that you’ll just never re-create, you’ll never have again. But another magical memory for me that ties me to my family.

Poor Brandon Bostick


I know my buddy Corey who is a huge Packers fan will never forget this moment – no one who was watching the early game on conference championship weekend 2015 ever will. If you’ve ever played sports, you have to feel for this guy.

Peter King has a great piece on his MMQB site written by Brandon Bostick himself.

Sure, he’s landed on his feet catching on with the Vikings after the release from the Packers. But it’s hard to imagine that he ever overcomes this moment. I’ll be rooting on him to snag a few big passes from Teddy Bridgewater next year to show he’s somewhat overcome it. It would make for a Hell of a story.

But I enjoyed this read from Bostick’s perspective while I took a few minutes out at work to read it all. If I do that, it’s a good read.