It’s Sunday: Week Two 2018

This is the first time I’ve posted since the season began. I am going to make a more concerted effort to post here. The Texans travel to Tennessee at 1:00, and the Cowboys host the Giants at Jerry World on Sunday Night Football.

My kids have me in a crazy stage of life right now and I’m seeing very little college football and NFL. Battling to hang on. That said; I’m looking forward to today, and I will do recap posts of at least the Texans and Cowboys games here.

It’s Sunday

It’s Sunday. Today we are celebrating my daughter Harper turning three. So we’re having a kid party at our house around 4:00. These are the things that I knew would get in the way of seeing the must-see games when I became a dad. And it’s fine.

The marquee match-up at that hour is of course the Patriots and Raiders in Mexico City. It will be on, but I doubt I see much of it in detail.

The crown jewell gem of the day is Dak vs. Wentz on Sunday Night Football.

Enjoy your Sunday, and God Bless!

It’s Sunday

It’s Sunday. I watched some old Tim Couch memories last night on YouTube. They’re kind of sparse. But it brought back some magical memories for me. When Sunday’s were truly special. I am trying to figure out what is missing for me now. It’s kind of boiled down to one quote.

I *think* this is kind of it. I’m not sure. Maybe it’s having kids. Maybe it’s getting older. I don’t really know. I care about so few of these games today. Maybe it’s just knowing every guy switches teams every year and it’s just more about the dollar.

Dallas goes to Atlanta at 4:25 PM. Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

It’s Sunday

It’s Sunday. I spent all morning with my little boy, we hung out and watched Browns-Vikings in London. The Browns are of course; losing and going to 0-8.

Adam Schefter had a report when morning broke about the NFL Owners wanting that crook Roger Goodell out. Jerry Jones is heading this up, and it sounds promising.

I don’t know what is wrong with the NFL; but my interest has certainly waned since I started this blog. I’ve talked about it a little. The amount I post can probably express that. I think getting rid of Goodell would really help.

That said, huge game today between the Raiders and Bills in Buffalo. Huge game in Washington between the Cowboys and Redskins. It’s going to be a nice Sunday. My wife is making chicken tacos in the crockpot. Winner!

It’s Sunday

It’s Sunday, and I’m not posting nearly enough (having a 14-month old and almost 3 year old will do that). But I am attempting to watch some football today.

Early on I am going to watch Brett Hundley and the Packers against the New Orleans Saints. For some reason it interests me. Something about Lambeau still has the throwback to it; it’s not imitation brand like so much in the NFL ends up being in present day.

Then at 4:25, Cowboys at 49ers. It’s like a throwback game, only it’s at Levi’s Stadium. Kind of reminds me of a hint of this:

It’s Sunday

It’s another Sunday in life. Thank God for all of them. Sunday’s with two kids in diapers are a lot different. I’m about 2,400 steps deep on my fitbit. I’ve just been chasing kids all morning, cleaning up after them. It’s amazing the activity you get in just being a parent.

As for today’s slate; the highlight of the day is Packers and Cowboys at 4:25 in Dallas. This is a big one for big D.

Aside from that the other good games today or games of note are Carolina at Detroit, the Charges (0-4) take on the Giants (0-4) in the Land of the Sopranos. That matchup always makes me think of this:

God, to think we lived such a life in such a place. That was a great game.

Buffalo travels to Cincinnati to take on the Bengals. The Derek Carr-less Raiders host the Ravens. And then the Sunday Night game is the Houston Texans welcoming the Kansas City Chiefs. It should be a nice little slate in the NFL today.

Enjoy your Sunday!

And hey, how about this for old times childhood sake: