It’s Sunday

It’s another Sunday in life. Thank God for all of them. Sunday’s with two kids in diapers are a lot different. I’m about 2,400 steps deep on my fitbit. I’ve just been chasing kids all morning, cleaning up after them. It’s amazing the activity you get in just being a parent.

As for today’s slate; the highlight of the day is Packers and Cowboys at 4:25 in Dallas. This is a big one for big D.

Aside from that the other good games today or games of note are Carolina at Detroit, the Charges (0-4) take on the Giants (0-4) in the Land of the Sopranos. That matchup always makes me think of this:

God, to think we lived such a life in such a place. That was a great game.

Buffalo travels to Cincinnati to take on the Bengals. The Derek Carr-less Raiders host the Ravens. And then the Sunday Night game is the Houston Texans welcoming the Kansas City Chiefs. It should be a nice little slate in the NFL today.

Enjoy your Sunday!

And hey, how about this for old times childhood sake:


It’s Sunday


This is one of the first Sunday’s in a long time that I’ve entered this blog. Today I am at my mom’s just a week before Christmas with my daughter while my wife hosts a cookie exchange. But I’ll be at home later to watch the biggest game of the season in my mind: the Buccaneers vs. the Cowboys in Dallas on Sunday Night Football.

Today the match-ups that will take up my time are the New York Giants hosting the Detroit Lions in the Land of the Sopranos. Also the Cincinnati Bengals host the Pittsburgh Steelers in Marvin Lewis’ last ride.

It’s Sunday and each day is a blessing. Back later to write about Jameis Winston vs. Dak Prescott.

It’s Sunday – Week 7

McNabb TD

It’s time to start loving the NFL again (now that baseball is all but over).

And the NFL has responded with a picture perfect Sunday. The weather has finally cooled off. The Giants are playing the Rams in London at 9:30 AM.

Then the Titans host the Colts with a chance at first place in the division. And at 4:00 the Buccaneers head to San Francisco to take on the niners. It’s going to be a glorious Sunday.

It’s Sunday


It’s Sunday, and it’s already week five. Having two children has really cut into my blogging time. I think too this busy period shall pass.

I’ll be watching the Titans at the Dolphins for a bit today. It’s a revenge game for Tennessee – this was the game Marcus Mariota got hurt last year. But let’s be honest. It will probably get out of hand and I’ll turn it off. All my teams are awful.

Enjoy your Sunday all!

It’s Sunday

Minnesota Vikings' quarterback Daunte Culpepper go

It’s been a looooong NFL offseason. It’s opening week in the NFL, and it’s going to be another crazy Sunday in the life. The Titans host the Vikings, the Buccaneers are in Atlanta, the Bengals are at the Land of the Sopranos and the Giants are in Dallas among some other big tilts; those are the games we will have our eyes on.

Barstool Big Cat said it best. Savor it.

Back with some recaps later!