NCAA Championship Saturday


Oklahoma and Oklahoma State just wrapped up with an unbelievable finish in their game. Now it’s Auburn and Missouri (Texas and Baylor on FOX) and the Buckeyes game on at night. If the Buckeyes beat Michigan State tonight, they’re in the BCS Title game.

We had a snow day yesterday and my wife and I took the day off. Today my wife is making chilli and we got shrimp cocktail sauce from this place:


Just a great Saturday with the best Sunday of football all year on deck. There’s snow on the ground, I’m loving life right now.

Saturday College Thread


I’ll update all things NCAA that happen in this thread. It’s a rainy day outside and I’m going to watch a lot of NCAA.

*Watched the Ohio State game at Mom’s with dad, aunt and sister. Ohio State hangs on for a 34-24 win.

*Texas A&M and Johnny Manziel fall to Auburn, 45-41. Manziel throws a couple of picks at College Station and despite 454 yards, he loses. Mike Evans had 11 catches for 287 yards and 4 touchdowns.

*Michigan hangs on to defeat Indiana 63-47. Devin Gardner throws for over 500 and a little receiver named Jeremy Gallon had 14 catches for 369 yards!

*Georgia upset by Vanderbilt.

*Florida State is ALL OVER Clemson in the early going, up 7-0 with the ball deep and driving again. I have money on Clemson +4 of course. I’ve had a MISERABLE day picking games against the spread.

*Notre Dame trails USC 10-7 right now in the 2nd quarter.


NCAA Saturday #1


image from here

I woke up bright and early and went over to my buddy Justin’s house for the first fall college Saturday of the year. Gameday was good, and it had Bulldogs on it; being hosted from Clemson and the big Georgia/Clemson tilt going down tonight.

Really this day is about celebration more than anything else. The football season is here. This is the last weekend without real NFL action. We’ve made it through yet another long offseason.

Today I watched Ohio State beat up on Buffalo. I also took in parts of Rice-Texas A&M, Temple-Notre Dame, and Illinois-Penn State. I probably won’t catch the big national game tonight because I’m going out with my wife to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary.

Expect a lot of posts this week with the real thing kicking off next Sunday.

Not Buying Johnny Manziel

I don’t think the guy will be a good pro. He’s a fine college player. He’s fun to watch on Saturday’s. But he’s as Tebow as it gets when it comes to the question ‘will he be able to play on NFL Sundays’. It is an emphatic ‘no’ from me.

I don’t care what rival GM’s say. The guy just wreaks of a gimmick player who won’t succeed in the pro game to me.

Oh, and his little stunt of complaining about “walk a day in my shoes” about being a college athlete didn’t sit well with me. Shut your mouth you spoiled little punk and be thankful you will not be digging ditches for a living. You have it made, you little snot-nose Italian brat.