Cowboys stay alive with 30-10 holiday win in New York


On the day I took my kids to breakfast with Santa Claus, Dak Prescott went into New York and went 20 for 30 for 332 yards with 3 touchdowns and no interceptions. It was his career-high passing total, and he did it without Zeke Elliott, answering a ton of questions.

Prescott hit big plays to Dez Bryant, Cole Beasley, and Rod Smith as well as a beautiful touchdown throw to Jason Witten. He continually made plays all game long under duress. He showed that he was the team’s best player on the field and with the game tied 10-10 late in the 4th, he rose above the play of Eli Manning and willed the Cowboys to a victory to keep their season hopes alive at 7-6.


Goodbye, Eli Manning and Thank You

Wow, I am shocked at the news that Eli Manning has been benched by the New York Giants.

Since the inception of this blog, since I have known my wife; Eli Manning has been the QB of the Giants on Sundays in the Land of the Sopranos. He has started 210 straight NFL games, second to only Brett Favre; and to me he feels like he’s got that Favre status where he should be able to go out on his own terms. Through ups and downs, Eli was a constant in this league and in my life. Being married to a Giants fan, and to a Giants family; Eli was in fact one of the family.

Mike Francesa’s rant said it best: none of these guys with the Giants right now would have a job or career if Eli doesn’t win all those playoff games on the road and those two Super Bowls against Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots.

Tom Coughlin said it well, that Eli Manning is nothing but pure class.

A guy like Ben Mcadoo – a lame duck coach that never deserved the position of power he’s in in the first place – should have never had the authority to make this kind of decision.

Since November of 2004, this guy has been a huge part of my sports and football life. Through it all, it’s been so many great memories and clutch moments. The guy has had an unbelievable career with so many big throws and unforgettable moments.

The darkest season of my NFL life drudges onward.

Dallas Dominates Giants; conquers demons 19-3

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I was really happy with last night’s game. It was truly the perfect opener for Dallas. It followed a perfect weekend with my daughter, perfect weather; it felt like the perfect fall weekend.

I guess the thing that struck me in last night’s 19-3 victory in Dallas most prominently was the speed of their defense. From Demarcus Lawrence to Sean Lee to Jaylon Smith and the young corners; Dallas’ defense was the X-factor of this game that wasn’t expected.

Dak Prescott had another nice mistake-free game in going for 267 yards, a touchdown, and no interceptions. Zeke Elliot ran for 104 yards and had a lot of body blows.

Here’s Dak to Witten for the game’s only Touchdown:


So the Cowboys are to 1-0, and moving on next week to Denver. It was a fabulous opener. One of the best I’ve seen in a long time that brought me imminent satisfaction. I love this team!

On the Eve of the Battle

It’s the night before game night. In just 24 hours from now, we’ll know our fate. The fate of the Dallas Cowboys. And likely what we see during the day will amaze us, frustrate us, and be completely unpredictable.

Tonight I watched the Oklahoma Sooners dismantle the Ohio State Buckeyes in Columbus. And it reminded me an awful lot of opening night with the Patriots being blown out in New England by the Kansas City Chiefs.

On this same day, Georgia snuck past Notre Dame in South Bend 20-19 and USC dismantled Stanford 42-24.

But tomorrow is the main course. The Giants are installed as +4 underdogs, and I tend to think that whether Dallas wins or not, you take the points in a match-up like this. I actually expect the game to go under I believe. And I could see the Giants once again beating the Cowboys. This is a big, big game to begin the season.

I just want to see Dak Prescott have a big game, and a clean game. Just protect the ball and move the chains, maybe execute on a key big throw or two and further what he did last season.

I’ll go with a score prediction I guess to end the post. Cowboys 23, Giants 20.

Greatest New Cam Newton Memory



[Cam Newton Highlights]

Cam at the New Meadowlands. This was the day that Cam Newton proved he was the best player in the entire NFL. No matter how much longer I live, I will remember his day on this day.

Newton is the MVP. One friend said regardless of what happens (after the Panthers blew a 35-7 lead), put Newton’s name on the MVP trophy right now. Another said I wouldn’t be in the fantasy football finals without Cam; but that he is the real deal. This was a friend that doesn’t give props to other athletes easily. There’s not a man alive that could turn his head to this season; to this performance.

He threw for 340 yards and five touchdowns with no interceptions. He ran for 100 yards on the dot. He put his team on his back and continued his absolutely legendary season for the ages.

Eli Manning wants to be the NFL’s highest paid player


When I got the alert on my phone, I found the news a bit surprising that Eli Manning wanted to be the NFL’s highest paid player.

When I relayed the word to my wife, a die-hard Giants fan; she said that she didn’t fully buy it and that it’s probably being driven by the agent (Tom Condon). Condon is quoted in the article as saying that Manning is uniquely fitted to be the QB of the Giants because he’s unflappable in the monstrous media market that is the Big Apple.

Still, this news has to have a shrivel of truth to it – Manning would shoot down the reports in some way if it weren’t. Eli wasn’t regarded as a top QB, yet had a fine year last year with 30 TD’s, 14 interceptions, and 4,410 passing yards with a 92.1 QB rating. Those are really good numbers. Manning will be 34 this season.

I’ve always seen him as a lock to be a Giant for his entire career. That said, I’m not so sure if Manning doesn’t back off this desire that the two sides come to an agreement. Reports are that there are significant gaps between the team and Manning right now.