Raiders dominate Jets in Oakland

[Raiders 45, Jets 20]
[Derek Carr Highlights]

The Raiders are looking like the team that could challenge the New England Patriots in the AFC; and they’re going to be in for a helluva fight against the Kansas City Chiefs when these two teams meet. They meet October 19th in Oakland and December 10th in Kansas City.

On this day – a day that allowed the Raiders to begin a season 2-0 for the first time since 2002 – Derek Carr to Michael Crabtree was the feature.

Marshawn Lynch was just used in a complimentary role, getting 12 carries. Right now, the Raiders look more like a team with a ton of weapons that are a ton of fun to watch.

They’re going to be taking on the Redskins in Washington on Sunday Night Football this coming Sunday.

Some Idiot named IK Enemkpali broke Geno Smith’s jaw today


Shutdown Corner has a good breakdown about what happened today, and the aftermath.

Geno Smith; man this guy is about done with the possible final blow in his NFL career being a simple $600. Like me owing $20 to a co-worker. I remember when I thought Geno Smith was going to be truly special coming out of West Virginia. I remember that day he threw for 656 yards against Baylor back in September of 2012.

But he slipped in the draft, and made immature choices in some of his interviews leading up to it. Now there is around the clock coverage of this incident, with the sixth round linebacker who will likely never play in the league again breaking Smith’s jaw over a small unpaid debt.

The Jets truly are a mess, and despite having a promising defense there just isn’t much to look forward to for them for a long, long time. I guess it’s good that Marcus Mariota didn’t land here.

The Marino Fake Spike Game


Alright so this is up a bit late today with Monday Night Football already being at half time, but I’m a father so cut me a break.

It was twenty years ago almost to the day, November 27th following up Thanksgiving weekend when I was 12; my mom was putting up Christmas decorations. The Jets jumped out to leads of 10-0 and 24-6 over the Dan Marino magical Dolphins but couldn’t seem to put them away.

I wanted Boomer Esiason and the Jets to pull away with it that day, but it wasn’t meant to be.


The Jets jumped out to a 10-0 lead tonight, and lead at the half 10-3. We will see how the second half turns out, but I think the Dolphins find a way to win it with a field goal or by four and not cover.

Geno vs. Cam: Round One goes to Newton


[Game book]

[] [Newton to Williams 72-yard touchdown]


*This game was really swung on a blocked punt by Panthers linebacker Jason Williams (honestly never heard of him).

*The Panthers finally get a win in the all-black uniform combination. They lost last year at home to Denver on my birthday in them. They’re 1-1 lifetime in the combo. They are pretty slick looking for a change.

*This game was worked by the enjoyable combination of Dan Dierdorf and Greg Gumbel. I will miss this pair and I like the 4:00 late start in Carolina, it’s a rarity.

*Cam Newton was flat awesome from the opening bell in this one. I missed his first throw en route to my mother’s house, but it was a strike down the field to Brandon LaFell. Newton threw for 273 yards on not many attempts. He could have thrown for about 400 if the gameplan would have dictated it. Once again, he did not turn the ball over and made plays against an athletic defense in the Jets. Countless times today Newton hit Olsen down the field for big plays.

*The win (coupled with a Saints loss against the Rams) sets up a de facto ‘winner take all’ game next Sunday in Charlotte for the Panthers and Saints. The winner has an excellent chance at the two seed and the division crown.

The Sunday that belonged to Andy Dalton and the Bengals


From the opening bell, Andy Dalton and the Bengals were all over the New York Jets. Dalton threw four first half touchdowns and entered halftime up 28-6. Dalton threw quick touchdown passes to Marvin Jones and Jermaine Gresham to begin the game and put the Bengals up 14-0. It was clear that it was going to end up a career day for young Dalton.

He would hit Marvin Jones three more times on the day for a total of four touchdowns, a Bengals franchise record. Here are the highlights from the game.

Dalton threw short. Dalton threw deep (a lot). I fail to see where this guy isn’t elite. He’s nails.

The Bengals won the game 49-9. They’re 6-2 and rolling along.

Fireman Ed R.I.P.

This post at Deadspin by Drew Magary had me chucking at work today. It’s about Fireman Ed–perhaps the most famous Jets fan in America–‘retiring’.

Hell, even Peter King ripped the guy in MMQB:

I think, for all of you Fireman Ed fans, put some black crepe paper over the this column today. Ed Anzalone, the longtime Jets mascot who does the J-E-T-S chant in the stands, writes in the free paper Metro that, “I decided to leave [the Jets-Pats game before halftime] Thursday because the confrontations with other Jets fans have become more common, even though most Jets fans are fantastic. This is an indication of how society has lost and is continuing to lose respect for one another … I will attend games as usual, just not as Fireman Ed.” Well, I sure am glad we got that straight.
Suck it, Ed.

The Mark Sanchez Mess is Ridiculous

If you were driving into work this morning and had ESPN radio on you probably heard Doug Gotlieb and Kordell Stewart discussing the Mark Sanchez ordeal.

Christmas morning we had this post at Pro Football Talk.

This all is just so insanely stupid. Sanchez is fine. PFT is ignorant for writing the article. The New York Media is stupid for creating this to begin with–it’s just an example of what sells papers in that town and an example of why no pro athlete should crave playing in that city. The Jets are silly if they don’t stand behind their guy and wait for him to develop. If they’re thinking about pulling the trigger on him early after a couple AFC title game appearances, than I hope they’re bad forever and stuck in purgatory.

I remember all of this happening with Eli Manning. It was eerily identical. And then the guy went out and won a Super Bowl. And everyone shut up. And now those Giant fans who thought the guy was horrible and should have been run out of town are in hiding and Eli was vindicated forever.

So tired of the QB blame game in the NFL. Sanchez is fine. Leave him alone, build a team around him, and have some stability at the position for God’s sakes. The Jets as an organization are showing that they’re unstable from the top down and haven’t handled this like the Giants were able to with Eli in 2007 (anyone remember that game when he barely beat Rex Grossman in Chicago?).