Raiders win thrilling comeback over Chiefs on Thursday Night Football in Game of the Year

[Raiders 31, Chiefs 30]
[Carr to Crabtree Game-winner] [Silver and Black Pride]

The Oakland Raiders managed to deliver not only the game of the year for fans of the NFL; but saved their season with a last minute win.

Derek Carr went 29 of 52 for 417 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. The Raiders lost Marshawn Lynch to an ejection and overcame a 30-21 fourth quarter deficit. Amari Cooper went over 200 yards receiving.

There were about five plays at the end of this game that were dubbed the final play of the game. Flags continued the game with :00 left. The final play to Crabtree was pure magic, and you had the feeling; at least I did, that the Raiders were not going to be denied.

The Chiefs move to 5-2, and the Raiders move to 3-4 and snap a four-game losing streak. Their season and hopes in the AFC are kept alive after beating what was perceived as a heavyweight and with Denver suddenly looking in peril.

This was absolutely the game of the season and probably the game of the last couple years, possibly. I am immensely impressed by Derek Carr’s game.

Carr went 6-11 for 96 yards and the game winner on the final drive. For everything and more on this game, it’s here on

Raiders dominate Jets in Oakland

[Raiders 45, Jets 20]
[Derek Carr Highlights]

The Raiders are looking like the team that could challenge the New England Patriots in the AFC; and they’re going to be in for a helluva fight against the Kansas City Chiefs when these two teams meet. They meet October 19th in Oakland and December 10th in Kansas City.

On this day – a day that allowed the Raiders to begin a season 2-0 for the first time since 2002 – Derek Carr to Michael Crabtree was the feature.

Marshawn Lynch was just used in a complimentary role, getting 12 carries. Right now, the Raiders look more like a team with a ton of weapons that are a ton of fun to watch.

They’re going to be taking on the Redskins in Washington on Sunday Night Football this coming Sunday.

Derek Carr bests Marcus Mariota on Opening Day

[Box Score]

Derek Carr and the Oakland Raiders proved their make-up yesterday playing a physical Titans team in Nashville. The Titans decided to get cute and open up with an onside kick. After that, Carr and company took it right down the field in four plays and put it in the end zone, 7-0. The first touchdown of the season was a Derek Carr short pass to Amari Cooper in which he bowled his way into the end zone.

From there, it was a tight game; but the Raiders were just a hair better in all aspects and continued to show grit and determination as a road team; especially playing in an Eastern time zone.

The Raiders look the part of a team that is destined and determined to be great. It was close late, and they were up a touchdown, and they grinded out the clock with some tough runs to Lynch. Carr didn’t turn the ball over on the day and threw two touchdowns. I can’t wait to watch the Raiders play each week. I think they have a real shot at giving the Patriots problems if they can emerge from their division as champions.

Raiders sign Guard Gabe Jackson to Extension

First the bigger deal got done. Now the lesser, but still very important deal gets done. The Raiders selected Gabe Jackson in the third round of the 2014 NFL Draft, and he’s proven since then to be a really good player. Today he signed a 5-year extension worth $56 million dollars.

Jackson is one of those integral parts of the Oakland Raiders in the trenches. If the Raiders can lock down Khalil Mack; I’m not that worried about Amari Cooper to be honest. I would rather the trio of Carr, Jackson, and Mack locked down than any combination of the two involving Cooper.

As the Patriots’ blueprint has shown, if you have those dominant pieces in place (QB, players on both sides of the ball in the trenches) you can scrimp a bit at WR and CB if you need to.

Jackson was a big, big score in the draft, and it’s big that the Raiders have him locked down for most of Carr’s next contract in Oakland and Las Vegas. Now you just hope to see him stay healthy.

Derek Carr is the NFL’s Highest-Paid Player

It has happened. Derek Carr has signed a 5-year, $125 million dollar contract extension with the Oakland Raiders. I guess at this point, with those simple terms being what was rumored about all along; you wonder what took so long. The extension will keep Carr in Oakland through the 2022 season!

Carr was true to his word that when it was officially done, he would say something first. He took to twitter in the morning to break the story himself.

Albert Breer says over at MMQB that the deal is evolutionary, not revolutionary.

As pointed out in this article, Carr is the only QB in NFL history to throw more than 80 TD passes and fewer than 40 interceptions in his first three seasons. He’s a blast to watch, and he’ll be a blast to watch as he goes after the New England Patriots and tries to bring the Oakland Raiders a title before they move to Las Vegas.

Now that the Raiders have the Quarterback locked up, the focus shifts over to the next two guys: Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper. But as long as you have the Quarterback and the head coach; as evidenced in New England, you can really work around everything else on either side of the ball.

This was a great day to like the Oakland Raiders and the best day if you’re a Derek Carr fan.

Report: Derek Carr’s Record Extension is Coming

We have waited and waited, and the Oakland Raiders are not going to make us wait much longer. Per a report by ESPN’s Adam Schefter (the best in the biz), the Oakland Raiders are prepared to pay Derek Carr $25 million dollars per year on an contract extension.

Per Schefter, the sides still are finalizing language, but the record deal could be announced by the end of the week.

Reports earlier this month indicated Carr was on his way to becoming the first quarterback to make $25 million annually, and it appears that day is closer than ever. Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has an average annual paycheck of $24.594 million per season, currently the highest. Carson Palmer and Drew Brees also make more than $24 million per season.

This is phenomenal news; and it appears the Raiders want everyone at ease with plenty of time to spare on this ever most important issue.


It looks like Derek Carr has that warm and fuzzy feeling.

We will update when an official announcement hits the press. The lifeblood of the Raiders organization is staying put.