Eric Mangini’s Tuesday Press conference. (On Quinn going 126 passing attempts without an interception)- “It’s been a point of emphasis for us offensively, not turning the ball over. I know we had the strip sack. You look at the give-away, take-away ratios and the affect those have on outcomes, it’s huge. Being able to protect the football for the passer is really twofold. You have the presence in the pocket and protecting it from that perspective and then also the decision making down the field and when to take chances, when not to take chances, where you have to put the ball in order to make sure the defensive back doesn’t have a chance to get it. I think that’s been positive for us across the board. I think the other thing that’s really helped is us taking advantage of opportunities that we’ve had. At earlier points I felt like we were dropping really catchable balls. Over the last few weeks I feel like we’ve caught some difficult balls and that’s a big distinction.” [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Kosar sheds light on Czar search. “He’s just sick being 1-11, but he’s not going to break the rules to go do stuff,” Kosar, an adviser to Lerner, said this morning on WKNR. “But if there are guys out there, you’re allowed to talk to, or teams have given permission. … Yeah, he’s starting to look for those type guys, because we need to define especially the football operations side of the team.” [Canton Repository]

Yesterday’s game gives hope for Cleveland. “Plus, you can start tailoring the offensive players you do get in the draft/free agency to the strength of your QB. Everything feeds off of the QB and his skill set. Obviously San Francisco drafted a certain type of OL, WR, RB, etc for the West Coast Offense and Joe Montana than Dallas did for their deep run-oriented attack under Troy Aikman.” [Scout]

Quick Hits: Giants at Dallas Sunday Night Football

I been waiting all week to watch this ballgame. We’re going to be witness to a classic without a doubt.

-Here’s the New York Post talking about the Giants chance to knock out their rival Cowboys for the 2nd year in a row in some fashion.

-The top 10 moments in the Dallas/Giants rivalry.

-The Giants gave Corey Webster a 5-year extension.

NY Daily News goes into great detail about the Giant task that lies ahead in tonight’s game.

-Dallas Morning News Cowboys Blog asks who is more to blame, T.O. or Romo?

-Marion Barber is just 50-50 tonight per Moseley.

-How the Giants will attack without Brandon Jacobs.

Monday Night Football Quick Hits

I’m sitting here hoping that the Steelers drop one to the Redskins and the first domino falls for the Browns getting back into the division race. Might as well link a few interesting stories, now that the sport of football is officially back.

-The Browns went to the wall for Derek Anderson, but simply could not defend keeping Brady Quinn on the bench any longer Quinn doesn’t have the RPMs on his throws that Anderson does. But what the Browns lose in torque, they gain in accuracy and, based on Quinn’s major college career, field leadership and perhaps huddle presence.

The Browns have to find out who is the quarterback to lead the team to the Super Bowl. Quinn deserves to start the final eight games, time enough to develop a rhythm with the front-line players previously denied him.The Browns better hope that Quinn is the player for whom Phil Savage traded two high picks in 2007 to acquire. Nobody can say the Browns forced him in ahead of his time. If anything, they waited too long. [Tony Grossi, Cleveland Plain Dealer]

-The move was made hours after coach Romeo Crennel said in an 11:45 a.m. press conference that he hadn’t really thought about making a change.

Players didn’t know about the decision when the locker room was open at noon. Many didn’t find out until after 6 p.m., when the Browns public relations staff announced the switch. The decision came after Crennel met in the afternoon with members of the coaching staff and front office. By the time it came out, no team officials were available for comment, including Crennel or General Manager Phil Savage.

“I actually found out through DA,” said Fraley. “I was going to pick up my kids from school and I saw a text. I wasn’t sure if he was joking with me.” [Mary Kay Cabot, Cleveland Plain Dealer]

-Of course the AP report will be there for years to come. Nothing like the good old unbiased AP. [Associated Press]

-Per Scouts Inc.: Quinn’s athleticism will help ease him into the role and also add a little something to the Browns’ offense. While Cleveland’s pass protection is solid, if not excellent, Quinn still moves within the confines of the pocket better than his predecessor. More importantly, he allows the Browns to roll him out and give him some half-the-field reads, which could make Quinn’s recognition easier as he won’t be responsible for the entire field.

Quinn is well built and very strong. He will extend plays much better than Anderson, thus giving his potentially explosive group of pass catchers the opportunity to break free deep downfield. Also, do not be surprised to see Quinn tuck the ball down and run once the designed play doesn’t go as planned. With his big frame, he might even choose to lower his shoulder and take on defenders to get extra yardage, ignite the crowd and gain respect of his teammates. [ESPN AFC North Blog]

Quick Hits: Anderson, Browns at Odds

-It’s been reported that the Browns and QB Derek Anderson are at odds over the length of contract offered. This contract offer by the Browns initially is believed to be 3 years, $15-20 million. Anderson wants a deal that is similar to Tony Romo’s 6-year $67 million dollar deal. Pro Football Talk reacts.

-Giants DE Adrian Awasom (who’s attending the Super Bowl while on Injured Reserve) has been sent home early by the team for drunk driving. This occurred late last night and is the first arrest from either team while in Arizona for the game.

Bill Simmons expects the Patriots to romp. No surprise here. I heard Simmons talking to Dennis Miller on talk radio the other day on my way home from work. Before I knew who it was I was thinking to myself ‘man this guy seems like a little twerp who doesn’t know shit about football’.

Good story in the Bergen Record about Tiki Barber saving Tom Coughlin’s job.

-Logan Mankins doesn’t get enough run on this blog. Here’s his first.

-After sitting out the past two days of practice this week, Plaxico Burress practiced. There’s photo proof.

-Nothing better than to complete this post than with video of Chris Berman going bat-shit crazy.

Quick Hits: Jay Cutler Version

Quiet friday night in listening to Fox Sports Radio. I have a stomach bug, so I might as well get caught up on the blog a bit. I’ve been playing Madden with the Broncos. I’ve taken a liking to their QB Jay Cutler. I think he’s going to be a good signal-caller. Here’s some links, old and new about their young gunslinger:

-A sunday afternoon with the Cutler’s [Kissing Suzy Kolber]
-The Broncos made Cutler a captain for 2007 [Shakedown Sports]
-Jay Cutler on Southpark [BroncoTalk]
-Woody Paige takes some shots at Cutler [The Denver Post]
-Jay Cutler’s parents, bitching and arguing at one of his games. One of his NFL games. [BroncoTalk]
-The Broncos’ struggles in 2007 were not Cutler’s fault. [Denver Post Broncos Blog]
-Before Cutler and Peyton Manning hooked up in 2007 [BroncoTalk]
-Jake Plummer’s anti-climatic retirement [Deadspin]
-Fun with Jay Cutler [And Here Come the Pretzels]
-Deadspin’s 2007 Denver Broncos preview [Deadspin]
-Jay Cutler looks stoned [Cats and Beer]
-Pregame of Cutler’s first career start on sunday night football vs. Seahawks [Deadspin]
-The 15-14 come from behind victory by the Broncos over the Bills [Thin Air]
-Another Broncos 2007 season preview [The Nosebleeds NFL Blog]