Trouble in Seattle for the Legion of Boom

Seth Wickersham has a great story about trouble with the Seattle Seahawks/Pete Carroll/Richard Sherman/Russell Wilson over at ESPN. It’s getting some serious talk (I heard about it on Sirius XM NFL Radio while going to get some White Castle to eat in the middle of the America’s Game marathon).

  • Sherman talks about playing in New England or Dallas…. even mentions he dreamed of playing with Marshawn Lynch again in New England. How about Oakland?
  • Sherman isn’t going anywhere.
  • It is interesting to see that Russell Wilson isn’t loved by teammates. It’s also becoming clear he’s reached his ceiling and is yet another guy I thought was a Hall of Fame talent who may just be short of that. It just hasn’t happened like I thought it would.
  • I think the Seahawks are in for a huge, competitive year in 2017. I wouldn’t fade them if I was betting their win total. I would take the over, in light of this public report.

You should give this a read. It will be interesting to see how the Seahawks rollin 2017, one of the more interesting storylines in the NFL. A lot of people think this is the last ride for them before the window closes for good.


Cam Newton and Panthers advance to NFC Title Game



[Cam Newton highlights] [Newton TD to Olsen] [PFT]

The Carolina Panthers made sure this season was not in vain. Building a 31-0 lead at halftime, they hung on to beat the Seattle Seahawks in Charlotte; and will host their first ever Conference Championship game this Sunday at 6:40 PM.

Cam Newton went 16 of 22 for 161 yards and a touchdown with no turnovers. He compiled a rating of 108.3, and his touchdown pass to Greg Olsen was one of the better throws of his career.

This will go down as a great memory. I really want to see Carolina get to their first Super Bowl with Rivera and Cam. This Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals is as big as it gets.

It’s just your time, Young Legend


A few years ago on a Sunday just like this one, we posted a photo of Cam Newton preparing to play in the biggest game of his life.

A lot has changed since then. Cam is one of, if not the top star in the NFL today. The Panthers have grown up. They are no longer climbing the mountain. They have reached the zenith, and it’s time for them to take the next step. It can go one of two ways today: they can win the game and go on to write the story the way it was meant to be written in NFL lore and history or they can fall short of making a few plays and we can go on to wonder forever what might have been.

If they win today, they are the team that forever goes down as the team that delivered the knockout blow to the Seattle Seahawks and their run of getting to Super Bowls.

I couldn’t love a football player more than I do Cam Newton. He’s always been my guy. I hope he goes out today and plays an error free game that will be remembered forever. I want him to make this one count.

It’s their time.

It’s Cold in Minneapolis


It’s colder than Billy Hell in Minneapolis right now for the Seahawks-Vikings Wildcard playoff game. If you can’t get a game in the snow, the cold is the second best thing for television viewing.

The Vikings (who I wouldn’t mind seeing win this game because of my love for the Panthers) hold an early 3-0 lead over the Seahawks after being gifted great field position off a botched punt snap. Teddy Bridgewater has started 6 of 9 for 50 yards with a lot of underneath throws moving the chains. I love me some Teddy Bridgewater.

I have Seattle though in this game for betting purposes, which is going to of course make things interesting. I have them +5 with the under 48.5 in a tease, and -4 (bought a point) in a separate bet. I am mildly nervous but I don’t see Minnesota winning this game.

Before the game it was said this was the third coldest game in NFL history up there in Siberia.

Cam Newton STUNS the Seahawks in Seattle



I can’t believe the Panthers won this game. And honestly what a win, what a football game. The Panthers are 5-0 for just the second time in their team history.

And in his career, I don’t know if Cam Newton has made a bigger, more beautiful throw that this one. I swear I thought Ron Rivera would just play for the tie as usual. But on the road in a hostile environment, with seemingly nothing to lose; Rivera let his quarterback turn it loose and rip it. Newton led the Panthers on the fourth of four 80-yard touchdown scoring drives.

Newton had an up and down day, 20 of 36 for 269 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. He also ran for their first score of the day. But this one was clearly not about stats – it was about finally conquering the beast that Seattle has been for Carolina.

Newton was 12 of 15 for 169 yards in the fourth quarter.

Carolina battled back all day long. After jumping out to 7-0, they fell behind all the way to 20-7. Then it was 23-14 with about four minutes to go in the game when Newton hit Olsen down to the one and set up a Jonathan Stewart rushing touchdown.

The Panthers got the ball back before the two minute warning – a big holding call against Seattle set them behind schedule and Carolina stamped them out in three downs after a first down strike to Jimmy Graham gave them a fresh set of downs.

I’ve never felt like the Carolina Panthers were more legitimate. They really don’t have a lot on offense and aren’t a team that can really play from behind multiple scores. But Cam Newtown with a supporting cast of Devin Funchess, Greg Olsen, Ted Ginn, Philly Brown, and Jerricho Cotchery and a sledgehammer defense seem to be just getting it done week by week and this is obviously a high-character group that loves playing eachother. There are a lot of high grade players on their defense and when they get a good performance, they give Cam the ball with a chance to win every week.

Today’s win was just incredible. A landmark win – like when they beat the Patriots on Monday Night Football a few magical seasons ago.

This is the high-point in my adult life for the Cincinnati Bengals


[Game book]

[Andy Dalton highlights]

They have to be the lead story in all of football right now. The Cincinnati Bengals are 5-0 for the first time since 1988 (here is a look at that team, they started 6-0). They’ve now seemingly conquered all comers, beating the Seattle Seahawks in Cincinnati today 27-24 in overtime after falling behind to a 24-7 deficit.

I hate that I didn’t see this game. I was watching the Buccaneers. But Andy Dalton really did it all today, and to me; he’s the MVP right there with Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Dalton went 30 of 44 for 331 yards and two touchdowns, shaking off a tough interception early. He also ran it seven times for 18 yards and a rushing touchdown.

Dalton leads the NFL in passing yardage at the moment with 1,518 yards. He has 11 touchdowns to 2 interceptions for a 115.6 rating, third behind only Brady and Rodgers. He’s completed 67.5% of his passes. He is elite.

Dalton made about a half dozen breath-taking throws. He throws such a beautiful ball right now. “This is what you call ‘walking it to a man'” Troy Aikman remarked on the FOX national broadcast from up in the booth after he dropped one in the bucket to A.J. Green.

This is a fun, very good Bengals team. Tyler Eiffert is a man amongst boys right now, adding 90 yards and two more touchdowns on perfectly thrown balls by Dalton.

Some writers are saying the Bengals are now in the Superbowl conversation. Without a doubt, I agree. Yahoo Shutdown Corner echoed the same sentiments.

I can’t wait until next Sunday to sit down and watch them head to Buffalo at my mom’s house, just like the old days when my family would gather at my grandma’s and watch the Bengals together. This is a team worthy of that type of attention.

Chris Matthews?

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 8.45.07 PM

This Chris Matthews kid who was drafted by the Browns in 2011 and subsequently cut has been the story in the Super Bowl so far. He has three big catches for 100 yards and the game-tying touchdown. From the instant I saw the kid in pads – I didn’t know who the hell he was or where he came from – but I said this kid’s got it. He’s 6’5″ and can jump out of the gym.

Seattle is quietly doing their thing with a 17-14 lead with 8:00 to go in the third quarter. It seems like this is going to come right down to the wire. Bobby Wagner just picked off a Tom Brady pass so Seattle has a chance to get some wiggle room here.