Derek Carr bests Marcus Mariota on Opening Day

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Derek Carr and the Oakland Raiders proved their make-up yesterday playing a physical Titans team in Nashville. The Titans decided to get cute and open up with an onside kick. After that, Carr and company took it right down the field in four plays and put it in the end zone, 7-0. The first touchdown of the season was a Derek Carr short pass to Amari Cooper in which he bowled his way into the end zone.

From there, it was a tight game; but the Raiders were just a hair better in all aspects and continued to show grit and determination as a road team; especially playing in an Eastern time zone.

The Raiders look the part of a team that is destined and determined to be great. It was close late, and they were up a touchdown, and they grinded out the clock with some tough runs to Lynch. Carr didn’t turn the ball over on the day and threw two touchdowns. I can’t wait to watch the Raiders play each week. I think they have a real shot at giving the Patriots problems if they can emerge from their division as champions.

Marcus Mariota the hero Sunday in Detroit



Man the Titans play some ugly football. But I love their Quarterback, the Oregon Quarterback as he’s called by Gil Brandt. And he made two unbelievable throws today which was enough to beat the Detroit Lions in Motown.

The first was a TD strike to Delanie Walker to cut the deficit to 15-10.

Here is video of the game-winner to Andre Johnson:


The Tennessee Titans are 1-1. It was a fun Sunday with my kids, my dad, and my wife. One of my favorite players led a game-winning drive. For today at least, life was good.

Cam Newton and the Panthers keep rolling in Tennessee


[Newton to Ed Dickson]

Deadspin said it best, Cam Newton is so much damn fun.

Newton completed his first 11 passes of the game yesterday, and finished 21-of-26. He could have thrown each of this last 15 passes into the ground and his performance still would have been one of the day’s most entertaining. That’s because when Newton gets on a roll like he was on those first two drives, it looks like he’s playing against children. He’s just so strong and so accurate that it doesn’t even matter who he’s throwing to—this is a team that calls Ted Ginn, Jr. a No. 1 receiver, mind you—he just keeps moving his team down the field like there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Here’s hoping Newton keeps throwing bullets and dabbing on folks throughout the playoffs.

Look at Cam, dancing after a Superman TD with the Titans defense trying to fight him!


I didn’t get to watch a ton of this game, but the Carolina moves to 9-0 for the first time in franchise history; and they get the Redskins at home for a chance at 10-0 next week. This team has simply sucked me back in and become the most enjoying follow this season; and again, they have the most intriguing single player in football.

I always knew Cam Newton would have special things in store for him in this game.

Titans and Mariota Thrash Buccaneers and Jameis in Tampa 42-14



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Man, I agree with JoeBucsFan; that was one of the ugliest games I ever remember. That was expansion-era ugly. That reminded me of a cross between the 1999 Cleveland Browns and the Brian Daboll offense Cleveland Browns with a cross-bred late 70’s Buccaneers (who I never saw play) sprinkled in.

Man, as far as positives, I just don’t know. I guess, Jameis Winston threw two touchdown passes. He’s on the board there. His first pass of his career was an interception returned for a touchdown (Brett Favre did this) and it reminded me of Tim Couch in Cleveland. Just a bad omen.

Tampa was in a 21-0 hole before they could really even get things slowed down. It was 21-7 and they were beginning to move the ball; I actually had thoughts of ‘Jameis is going to do this again, big comeback at 21-21’, then Doug Martin was stood up on 4th and 1 and a challenge by Ken Whisenhunt forced a turnover on downs. It was an ambush from there.

The penalty flags, the lack of protection, the sloppy play from the quarterback, the defense making Marcus Mariota look like a superstar in his first career start. This was a completely ridiculous game and waste of an afternoon.

Lovie Smith was completely in over his head – Tampa Bay was not ready to play at all. These guys reminded everyone today that they’re going to be a double-digit loss team and while I know better performances will come – they look nothing like the competitive teams in the league. They actually managed to drag down the play of the Titans at points, a team that scored 42 points.

It was all downhill from here.

Rodney Harrison and Tony Dungy both said after the game that Jameis Winston will be a good player. I still agree. However his balls today were not well thrown, they had some ugliness about them and wobbled quite a bit. The tight spirals weren’t there. He would have finished with three touchdowns and two interceptions on the day, but Lovie Smith did not challenge a Vincent Jackson touchdown catch late in the game he looked in bounds on. The Bucs had about 13 shots at the end zone on that drive, and did not score.

I can’t wait for next week to see how they fare in the Superdome. It has to be better than this. But it might not be.

Marcus Mariota begins Minicamp


Hey, just because we love Jameis Winston more than any other player doesn’t mean that we don’t have love for the guy who will be compared as his counterpart for the entirety of their careers.

Marcus Mariota’s on-field Tennessee Titans career began today, with the Titans minicamp. He was a little bit ‘anxious’ as he described it. But there are big fireworks on the horizon for the former Heisman Trophy Winner.

“It felt good. I was a little anxious. It’s been a long process, and to finally get on the field, you have that feeling,” Mariota said. “I just want to be myself, and that is getting to know the guys and putting in the hard work and learning the offense and trying to execute it.

“I am going to build relationship and try and enjoy this beautiful game that we play. I feel like everything I have done up to this point has prepared me for this.”

We are going to learn a lot about Mariota and Winston’s rivalry starting week one. We have just several short months until that September day. As someone who just enjoys the passing game, Mariota throwing to those big Titans receivers over the next few years should be a lot of fun to watch. He should be successful in the NFL.

Mariota’s first weapon: Dorial Green-Beckham

Arizona State Sun Devils vs Missouri Tigers

The huge talent with some off the field issues will be the biggest weapon for the guy with no off the field issues. Mel Kiper said that he was about the 70th best player on the board and seemed perturbed that he went as early as he did. I have to agree with Peter King. I like the pick quite a bit.

You go out and get Mariota, and you pair him with one of the best receivers in the draft; you’ve taken a stab at something monumental. Jaelen Strong has no character flaws, and he’s still on the board. He’ll be the one mostly everyone looks back and says ‘what if’ if he turns out to be productive and Green-Beckham has any issues off the field.