Hoping for a Jon Gruden Return to Coaching

I don’t know if I’ve ever loved a head coach more than Jon Gruden – I just always really loved “Chucky”. I love that he’s offensive based. I bet he’s an ultimate players’ coach. I love the guy in the Monday Night Football booth. I would love to see him return to NFL sidelines for one more run.

Gruden says he’s preparing, and you just wonder what jobs could possibly come available for him in January of 2018.

What if the Dallas Cowboys have a dismal year and fail to meet expectations? Would Gruden be a fit there? Or if the New York Giants fall apart, could Gruden return to take Eli to one final Super Bowl?

Maybe the Arizona Cardinals if Bruce Arians decides this is his final year. The Green Bay Packers if Mike Mccarthy resigns. It’s really hard to say.

But if Gruden is serious about a comeback, this would be one of the major storylines in the entire league.

OJ Simpson is granted his freedom

O.J. Simpson has been granted his parole. He’s wiggled off the hook once again.

The Goldman family says they will never see justice. I have taken particular interest in the O.J. Simpson murder that heh committed in 1994, reading everything there is to read on the internet, and watching everything there is to watch about the trial.

I even visited the scene of the murders this past June; it was like visiting a scene of American history.

O.J. Simpson is a lucky man. Even though he will again walk the streets he must ask what his soiled purpose is in life.

Johnny Manziel wants another chance

Johnny Manziel is at the National Fantasy Football Conference or whatever, and he wants another shot. Here are a few quotes.

“That’s all I’ve known for so long,” Manziel said. “It’s what I love to do. It’s hard. It’s hard sitting here going through OTA time and going through summer time and then getting ready to go through fall camp and not being a part of it. But at the same time, I’m really optimistic and hopeful that I’ll get another chance. That’s really what I’m holding out for every day.”

Well that’s just too bad, Johnny. Did it ever dawn upon you that *maybe* if you weren’t fucking off so bad on your first stint with the Browns about a dozen times and then afterwards being released; a second chance might be easier to come by? All stuff he should have thought about when he was flying to Vegas the night before games and representing the organization so poorly who put up with his crap time and again until the end.

I’ll miss Ed Werder

I know with the recent news of ESPN laying off some big time names; one of the ones I’ll miss most is Ed Werder. Peter King paid a fitting tribute to Werder in a recent installment of MMQB at the beginning of the month.

I know for me, I felt that Werder was just a quality reporter. I associated him a lot with the Cowboys locker room, and be broke a ton of stories (as King talks about) surrounding the Cowboys and Terrel Owens and all that drama. It was commonplace on Sunday morning to see him reporting live from Texas Stadium and later AT&T.

Sunday’s won’t be the same without him and I hope he continues onward with NFL Network in some capacity. He’s one of the few guys you appreciate in the reporting world and I associate him with the NFL fraternity from my early days.

It’s Sunday


It’s hard to believe it’s already week 13. There is frost on the ground and if you’re a rookie in the NFL, today will be your first December game. It’s crunch time around the league. Good slate on tap today:

Bengals at Browns

Falcons at Buccaneers

Panthers at Saints

Jets “at” Giants

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.