I’ll miss Ed Werder

I know with the recent news of ESPN laying off some big time names; one of the ones I’ll miss most is Ed Werder. Peter King paid a fitting tribute to Werder in a recent installment of MMQB at the beginning of the month.

I know for me, I felt that Werder was just a quality reporter. I associated him a lot with the Cowboys locker room, and be broke a ton of stories (as King talks about) surrounding the Cowboys and Terrel Owens and all that drama. It was commonplace on Sunday morning to see him reporting live from Texas Stadium and later AT&T.

Sunday’s won’t be the same without him and I hope he continues onward with NFL Network in some capacity. He’s one of the few guys you appreciate in the reporting world and I associate him with the NFL fraternity from my early days.

It’s Sunday


It’s hard to believe it’s already week 13. There is frost on the ground and if you’re a rookie in the NFL, today will be your first December game. It’s crunch time around the league. Good slate on tap today:

Bengals at Browns

Falcons at Buccaneers

Panthers at Saints

Jets “at” Giants

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

Cam Newton on SI Cover


Cam Newton and the undefeated Carolina Panthers are on the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated. While Newton appeared on the cover of SI twice while at Auburn, this is the first time he’s graced the cover as a Carolina Panther.

SI senior writer Austin Murphy, who had been in Charlotte twice in two weeks, wrote the story.

“The dab, the stanky leg, the whip and the nae nae … Cam Newton is dancing his way into MVP contention,” Murphy writes in the piece, which has not yet been published online. “And if you don’t like all the fun he’s having? You can take your inferior record and go home.”

As far as any jinx goes, I do think the Panthers lose today in Dallas to go to 10-1 on the season.

It’s Sunday


It’s another Sunday in the life; and you don’t know how many you get so I’m going to try to enjoy this one. Oh and for Browns fans who enjoy the photo above, here’s every Browns loss since 1999 ranked.

The games of interest:
Buccaneers host the Cowboys
Oakland Raiders host the Vikings
Carolina Panthers are in Tennessee to play the Titans
The New York Giants host the Patriots

My prediction on this Sunday is the Panthers undefeated streak comes to an end. They’re getting too much press, and it’s a tough road game in Nashville against an upstart team.

Donteea Dye gets the start for Tampa


Donteea Dye of Heidelberg gets the start in Atlanta today at Wide Receiver. He made a helluva catch last week, the first catch of his career for Jameis Winston’s ninth career TD pass. Dye is one of those UDFA pick-ups that has a real chance to take a role and run with it today with Vincent Jackson out, and Austin Seferian-Jenkins on the shelf still.

This was a role figured to be filled by Kenny Bell who the Buccaneers actually spent a draft pick on. Somehow, Dye seems more interesting to me than that of Bell or Louis Murphy. I have a feeling on this guy, and I don’t know why. I feel like this can go one of two ways however.

Dye will either run good routes and get open and somehow make an impact on the stat sheet today, or he’ll make one or zero catches and the opportunity will squander. I hope Dye; a player from a nearby small college makes a splash enough to stick on the Buccaneers roster long-term.