Rush Limbaugh – on Liberalism Ruining the NFL

Rush Limbaugh really brings the heat on Liberalism in the NFL. Wow. Maybe this is what is bothering me about the game today. I can’t put my finger on it.


Thoughts on the NFL finding a new Commissioner

What the NFL needs most right now is not a shyster, suit, businessman type running the show. Someone who is quietly savvy but can rebuild the trust lost with the fans; someone warmer than Goodell would really be endearing. Tagliabue was this way for those of you too young to remember. He was excellent. Made my childhood great. The league was great. Never even a fraction of all this garbage that has entered the game today, or conflict. You cannot blame it all on social media and the day in age we are in. Some maybe, but anytime someone is making $40 M a year (Goodell) corruption is right there with all that money and power. He is a slimeball; where are no two ways about this.

NFL Ratings are down 7.5% in 2017

It’s being reported that through six weeks of play, the NFL ratings are down 7.5% in 2017.

Here’s why I think it’s down.

It’s no one thing. I’m a 34 year old white guy. And I am going to dedicate this post to why I care less. And I have loved it since I was five. I used to watch from 7 AM pregame shows until it went off the air past midnight sometimes. Here’s why I am turned off or care less. I also think my age, gender, and race are the majority audience of the NFL. I am in the segment the NFL should work the hardest to maintain.

1) The Kaepernick/Politics in Football. Huge mistake. Just a turn off
2) It’s a flag fest. The product on field is just missing sizzle. It’s just a poor watch. Too many penalties, negated TD’s, negated big plays, bad calls. Officiating is terrible.
3) Injuries constantly to star players. I don’t want to watch the Raiders without Derek Carr. I’m not interested in the Packers without Aaron Rodgers. It’s a QB league. When these guys go down, unless I have absolutely no other sports to watch, I’m not tuning in.
4) NFL badly needs to develop or have new stars develop as ‘face of the league’. Brady and Rodgers are getting older. Prescott, Newton, Watson, etc. are all guys who make me want to tune in. They need these guys to work out.
5) Guys my age have young children. I have a one year old and near three-year old. I have to make deals with my wife to see a specific (usually Dallas) game. Otherwise, my kids won’t let me watch 3 games in a day. Many guys in my age bracket have young kids. It’s exhausting. A lot of times if they take a nap around those 1:00 games; if no one interesting is on; I’m taking a nap too. Has to be a marquee game or I’ll just let my kids win and watch bubble guppies.

One Week….

One week from today. One week, and the NFL; the real life NFL games with fantasy match-ups, point spreads, drama, unbelievable finishes that keep us all watching until the clock reads zero returns.

Just one week – and with a holiday Monday thrown in there such a long week will seem just a little shorter to everyone.

Opening weekend actually gets started on Thursday night with the Patriots hosting the Chiefs at Gillette. It doesn’t get a lot better than getting to watch Brady and Belichick on Opening Night whether you’re a fan or not. You have to appreciate what they bring to the sport and it’s only for a limited amount of time.

The 1:00 slate has the Raiders and Titans; I’ll want to see that one. The afternoon late slate has Cam Newton in San Francisco. And Sunday Night has the crown jewell of them all: the Cowboys host the Giants.

I’ll be checking in during the week with thoughts, some picks, and general commentary. We just have to survive ONE WEEK.

Hoping for a Jon Gruden Return to Coaching

I don’t know if I’ve ever loved a head coach more than Jon Gruden – I just always really loved “Chucky”. I love that he’s offensive based. I bet he’s an ultimate players’ coach. I love the guy in the Monday Night Football booth. I would love to see him return to NFL sidelines for one more run.

Gruden says he’s preparing, and you just wonder what jobs could possibly come available for him in January of 2018.

What if the Dallas Cowboys have a dismal year and fail to meet expectations? Would Gruden be a fit there? Or if the New York Giants fall apart, could Gruden return to take Eli to one final Super Bowl?

Maybe the Arizona Cardinals if Bruce Arians decides this is his final year. The Green Bay Packers if Mike Mccarthy resigns. It’s really hard to say.

But if Gruden is serious about a comeback, this would be one of the major storylines in the entire league.

OJ Simpson is granted his freedom

O.J. Simpson has been granted his parole. He’s wiggled off the hook once again.

The Goldman family says they will never see justice. I have taken particular interest in the O.J. Simpson murder that heh committed in 1994, reading everything there is to read on the internet, and watching everything there is to watch about the trial.

I even visited the scene of the murders this past June; it was like visiting a scene of American history.

O.J. Simpson is a lucky man. Even though he will again walk the streets he must ask what his soiled purpose is in life.